Domination Explained

What is domination?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, domination is:
“Supremacy or preeminence over another”
“Exercise of mastery or ruling power”
“Exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence”


In the world of BDSM, domination is the key component. It is the “tree” from which all other “branches” of BDSM grow. It is the central premise on which all other aspects of it rest. Domination can take a physical, psychological or financial role though one thing remains constant: the dominant is the embodiment of some kind of individual strength and the submissive, the embodiment of some kind of individual weakness. Physical dominance (i.e. being physically more threatening) is the weakest form of dominance because it is the simplest to acquire. Anybody with discipline can attain an imposing physique. An important subset of physical domination is the infliction of pain upon the submissive, done willingly in order to humble the submissive, to remind them of their place in the world. To remind them of whom they serve.

Dominating someone psychologically is a whole different matter. It requires knowledge of human psychology, a naturally imposing or intense demeanor, and the ability to understand the individual submissive. Being good at all of these aspects is what discerns the wannabe dominants from the genuine dominants. Psychological dominance is both a learned and an inherent state, for you must possess the capacity to dominate before you can learn the craft and hone your skills. All are born with the ability to submit. Not all are born with the ability to lead and dominate.

Financial domination can best be described as an offshoot of psychological domination. At the core of “FinDom” is the notion that money is a symbolic form of power. Submissives are weak and lack or cannot hold power whilst Dominants are strong and powerful. FinDom is a simple correction of reality to fit this narrative. The sub willingly gives away what he has worked to earn, for he is not as deserving of it. His Master is.

The common thread of all forms of domination is this: one person orders, one person follows. 

I am a Dominant, by nature and experience.
Are you?

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