Financial Domination Explained

What is Financial Domination?


Financial Domination (FinDom) is an increasingly popular form of domination wherein a sub (called pay pig or cash cow) uses their money to submit to the Master (called Cash Master). The transfer of money is the central tenant of FinDom, with money taking on a symbolic representation of power and is called tributing (Tribute). The sub gives their money to the Master to demonstrate their level of devotion and their total lack of power over their Master.

The money doesn’t buy anything (like in the case of a sex worker), it is used more as a theatrical prop even if the transfer of money is very real and permanent. You (as a sub) aren’t buying your Master’s time, you aren’t buying favors, you aren’t buying content. You are not making a purchase or spending your money, you simply are letting your money go to it’s rightful, deserving owner. If a Master does want to sell any of those, that is at their discretion but is not a part of Financial Domination in the proper sense.

In its most extreme variations, FinDom is used to help the sub engage in a fantasy (or the terrible reality) of being bankrupt. Some subs possess a particularly powerful desire to be used for every cent of their worth to bring pleasure and secure their Master’s financial future. For these individuals, living in poverty conditions is well worth it if they can provide for their Alpha.

In its less extreme variants, FinDom can simply be sending a small monthly tribute, shopping trips, buying Master’s meals, donating to a Patreon page, etc.

As a Master, I gain a lot of pleasure seeing my subs & slaves worry and struggle to live after making sizeable tributes. The sight of another person’s paycheck hitting my bank account or PayPal never fails to carve a big dumb grin on my face. I’ve never paid too much attention to the size of the tribute (bigger is better, though) because I always cared more about having a loser fund my life. I like being given what others have strived to earn and it is honestly exhilarating to take someone’s savings. I also have a soft spot for completely controlling an Asset’s (sub/slave) finances and setting a strict budget.

An interesting point to note:
FinDom may have a large basis for its existence in human evolutionary psychology. The vast majority of subs (in FinDom) are male and it is a very male trait to desire to provide for a worthy partner. This is speculative, as the research into ‘abnormal’ human sexuality is lacking.

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