Humiliation Explained

What is humiliation?

According to Merriam-Webster, to humiliate is to:
“To reduce (someone) to a lower position in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes”

“To make (someone) ashamed or embarrassed”
Humiliation (in the world of sex & BDSM) is a psychological form of “torture” wherein a dominant diminishes a sub’s ego to make them feel pathetic and lowly. It is a popular kink with many men, specifically men in positions of power. Many subs that enjoy humiliation like it because it’s dehumanizing nature can be very rewarding and make them forget their many responsibilities for a time.
For many, the simple act of humiliation is not enough. They need an (often youthful) person of relative high-status to denigrate and destroy their ego. The importance of a young dominant in this act may have something to do with the value our society places on age and wisdom. Generally speaking, your social status advances with age, and your ability to follow the orders of others mindlessly decreases.
This creates the scenario that many men fantasize about:
a young, attractive male destroying all pretense of masculinity in the sub.
I believe that most men desire to be humiliated, or some form of it. Humiliation is a humbling experience; it very brutally destroys the ego of the sub in every way we are trained by society to avoid. This destruction of the old ego is useful for it allows for a new, humbler ego to be built up in its place.
Humiliation can take many forms such as sissyfication/feminization, objectification, housework slaves, verbal degradation, humiliating tasks, etc. The common thread is a feeling of embarrassment or shame felt by the submissive, a feeling that borders sexual and emotional pleasure.

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