Why I Call Myself “Patriarch”


  One of the most common questions I’ve received over the years is why I choose to willingly associate with the concept of patriarchy.

Patriarch has become a loaded term in recent years. It has become associated with all the worst traits of masculinity with no care for the positives aspects of manhood. A patriarch (at least the popular Western view of one) is a man of indomitable will, who cares for his own and disregards all else, who doesn’t respect those he sees as his inferiors.

However, a Patriarch is simply a father. Whilst a father can be good or bad, a patriarch is inherently neither. It is his actions that dictate how he is to be perceived.

I have chosen to embody the penultimate archetype of masculinity: the father. I am not the tyrannical father, who punishes and deprives for no discernible reason, and neither am I the benevolent father, who only rewards and nurtures; I am both.


I punish with one hand and reward with the other.

  I oppress what I will not tolerate, and nurture the best qualities in my subs.
  I am all the best aspects of men and all the worst.
  I am a man with a shadow, and I do not hide my shadow.
  I leave it in the open so that all may behold my duality: a demon wearing angel’s clothing.

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Enrichen your favorite Patriarch.

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