Sissyfication Explained

What is sissyfication?

Sissyfication (sometimes called feminization or bimbofication) is a kink wherein a male submissive has a strong desire to be transformed (sometimes by another in a ‘forceful’ manner) into a feminine, sexier version of themselves. As opposed to crossdressing, which is simply the act of wearing the clothes and accessories typically associated with the opposing gender and not necessarily sexual in nature, sissyfication is decidedly sexual. Another important documents difference is that both men and women can crossdress, but only men can be sissies.

A sissy desires to be hyper-sexualized, to be made into a beautiful, sexy woman. They want to feel sexy, to feel pretty, to feel desired by others. They usually want to feel emasculated by a more dominant individual. A sissy may be masculine in behavior and appearance in their everyday life, but that changes quickly when stockings are worn, butts plugged and cocks caged. They often fantasize about having their masculine self destroyed (due to it being perceived as inferior) so that they may become experts at pleasuring their superior male or female.

Sissies hold a lot in common with the average sub (I would even argue that all sissies are subs); they like to be under the control of a competent, knowledgeable, sexually deviant partner who is superior in one or multiple ways, they like being told what to do, they like to please others, and they are often not submissive in their daily life.

Each sissy will have a different “style”, based on broad stereotypical looks worn by the women they encounter in the world or various media. The most common styles for sissies are glamorous, prissy princess, goth/emo, sporty, classy/formal, maid, and prostitute/sex slave. Each style follows a certain set of rules for achieving it’s look. Some advanced sissies will wear different styles for different occasions, though most sissies tend to stay within one style that is particularly stimulating for them.

A very prominent part of sissy culture is the butt plug/chastity cage combo. A butt plug is a sex toy designed to be inserted into the anus fairly easily but to be removed with mild difficulty so as to be worn for a period of time whilst a chastity cage is a sex toy designed to completely cover the wearer’s cock in a way that restricts erections and cannot be used for penetration. These toys are used to effectively get the sissy into the mindset that they are simply a set of holes to be used by others. The plug stretches the anus, keeping it ready for anal sex at a moment’s notice whilst the cage forces the sissy to not think of her pleasure but of her partner’s. Another important part that explains their popularity is how they can be worn, along with lingerie, under “vanilla” garments so that the sissy is embarrassed in public.

A point of confusion for some is the relationship between being a sissy and being trans. As I understand it, trans people got shafted by nature and are born into the opposite gender while sissies are born in the right body, but desire to be remade into a sexual fetish. You can be a sissy with no desire to be trans.

To be a sissy, you need to want to be sexualized, to be made more feminine, to give men sexual pleasure (truly straight guys cannot be sissies in my view) and to look good while doing it. If you are male and like sucking a dick, dream of getting fucked by men, you aren’t straight. You can be gay or bi or whatever new term is conjured up tomorrow, but you certainly cannot be called straight.

If sissyfication sounds like something you’d like, I’d suggest looking for sissy hypno videos or sissy porn (video and written) and seeing how much you like it before taking a serious dive, since a sissy is a sissy for life.

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