On Capitalism

I am a capitalist.

I believe in the sovereignty of the individual and in the inviolability of private property.

I believe that freedom is the ultimate ideal as it allows for the greatest amount people to be themselves.

I believe in the power of incentives to encourage behaviors.

I believe that greed can be good when not taken to an extreme.

I am happy to sell my time for something else in return.

I believe that finance should be taught to everyone because knowing how money works allows for more freedom than being a slave to money.

I do not believe in a zero-sum game when conducting business, because in true capitalism, no one party gains by exploiting another, both parties gain something they want in exchange for something the other party desires (something for something).

I believe that governments should be as small and minimal as possible because corporations will always be able to buy and control a government (if the leader of the free world makes 200k/year but X corporation earns 200k/minute, why wouldn’t they bribe them?).

I believe that group identities are for the weak, for losers who have yet to accomplish anything of their own merit.

I believe that consumerism is capitalism taken too far, where metaphysical meaning (the purpose of life) and the pursuit of happiness are replaced with an obsession with possessing as many trinkets as possible.

I believe that cronyism is an evil that has tainted the idea of true capitalism for most people.

I believe in meritocracy, in rewarding those who are the most productive or simply the best at their occupation.

I believe in raising those at the bottom of our society up, not removing those at the top from power.

I believe in equality of opportunity but not equality of outcome.

I believe that anyone who lives beyond their means deserves the inevitable financial collapse they’ve created.

I believe that ‘too big to fail’ should be ‘so big it has to fail’.

I believe government bailouts to be horrible, for they reward terrible business practices.

I believe social safety nets are useful when they allow people to take risks, but not when they pay people to be complacent parasites.

I believe that earning a dollar from your own, hard work is one of the best feelings you can have.

I believe through hard work, focus and determination, anyone can achieve their wildest dreams.

I believe that competition is great because it rewards intelligence and cunning and punishes contentment and laziness.

I am a capitalist.
Are you?

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