Do you feel like you're missing something? Do you fail to live up to your potential? Do you need to fill the emptiness that lies in the center of your being? The one that says you are nothing?   This short, non-fiction ebook will open your eyes to what you really need. An accurate representation … Continue reading DOMINATED eBook


Nice Guys or Why You Shouldn’t Be One

My story I was a very angry and violent child. I got so many detentions for fighting, not doing homework or papers, for talking back that my parents would celebrate when I didn't get into trouble. There came a point that my own patriarch had had enough. He said to me "If you don't calm … Continue reading Nice Guys or Why You Shouldn’t Be One

How to be Wrathful

When a sub strays too far from the rule of their Master, punishment is required to rectify the situation. It is this feature that differentiates a Dominant/sub relationship from other relationships. Without this central principle, a Dominant cannot establish order over their sub and a sub can easily tumble into chaos. How then, does a … Continue reading How to be Wrathful