The Finsub

A new species of human is quickly evolving: the finsub. Homo Walleticus Homo Walleticus is a new offshoot of homo sapiens, characterized by a diminutive stature and submissive demeanor as well as a strong urge to please an "Alpha". It is hypothesized that this creature represents a de-evolution in the line of humans, though further … Continue reading The Finsub

Fantasy #2: Sissy Boy Fuck Toy

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here's one. Sissy Boy Fuck Toy   It was a hot summer evening, the air was thick, heavy and oppressive. I had come back from a party and was getting to bed when a realization came to my mind: I hadn't worked out yet today! I couldn't allow … Continue reading Fantasy #2: Sissy Boy Fuck Toy