Fantasy #1: Financial Ruin

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one.

Financial Ruin

You’ve been my sub for a long time but it is no longer enough for you.

You’ve enriched my life in a number of ways but still, you want to give Me more.

You’ve always been so generous, even tributing without having to ever be told just so you could know that you’d have made me smile, that you had improved my day.

What could be better than that – making your Dom happy?

It finally came to a point where you couldn’t take it anymore.

You NEEDED to do more.

Desperate, horny and stupid, you came asking:

“Sir, I want to know how I can do more for You.
I need to please you more.
I feel so empty and worthless unless I am serving you.”

Hearing this, my face lights up with an evil grin.

You can’t help but shudder at the sight of it.

“Well, what more can you do?” I ask in a half-assed way, making sure to offer you a chance to either get out while you can or for you to let my hook sink even deeper.

“I will do whatever it is you think I need to do for You.
I don’t want a normal life anymore, all I want is to serve You.
I want to be a source of pleasure and enrichment in your life.

Pretending to be normal is too much for me to handle anymore.
I can’t stand being denied my place in this world.

Please, Sir, allow me the pleasure of being your possession.

I want to follow your orders – and yours alone.
No one else is as deserving of worship,
No God as deserving of devotion.

Please Sir, won’t you let me be yours?”


I pretend to be shocked, touched by this show.

On the inside, I’m shaking with laughter:
My prey caught itself and is now carving out a steak for Me.

“I’m so touched you think so highly of me” I manage to slap together.

It’s hard to keep a straight face when you have such circumstances come handed to you on a platter.

“I’ll need some time to think it over. In the meantime, how about some lunch on you?” I ask my eager sub.

“Of course Sir. Anything and everything for you” you blurt out, way too happy to have a chance to please me.

We make our way to one of the finer steakhouses in town.

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You treat me to the most expensive cuts of meat, imported beers, vegetables whose names are foreign even to Me and were imported from some remote region of the Amazon.

You can’t put a price on the amount of pleasure that you are providing Me, but the restaurant certainly can.

The bill has arrived, and you finally pay for it after several calls to your bank – they aren’t quite used to such a huge transaction.

To be fair, neither are you; you’re now broke.

You actually ended up spending every last dollar you had saved up your whole life on one meal.

A meal you never even tasted.

“How was it, Sir?” you ask as we walk out, you holding the door for Me.

“It was divine. Every bite better than the last.
I have never tasted such exquisite food before and it was made all the better because you paid for it all.

Thank you, my servant.”

“You’re welcome, Sir.
I live for your enjoyment.
There’s one little problem though, Sir…” you say.

“And what is that problem, my servant?” I answer with a tone of amusement in my voice.

“Well Sir, that luxurious meal was the last of my money.
I’m broke now, Sir, and I’m worried that you won’t see me anymore.
I’m sad that I won’t be able to spoil you again for some time” you reply, your voice shaking.

“I can see why you’re uneasy.
Have you lost your income and savings or is it just your savings?’ I ask in a way that could be mistaken for a business manager or banker.

“I still have my job Sir but I used all my savings on spoiling you and enriching you.
Now I’m worried I won’t be able to pay my rent, so I’ll live on the street and then lose my job because I’m homeless and if I’m homeless I won’t be able to enrichen your life or please you anymore and…”

“You’re such a cutie when you worry!
Relax, you’re not the first servant I’ve led to financial ruin.

In fact, I keep a harem for special boys like you at my Manor.
It’s an old Victorian mansion that I’ve had boys renovate into living quarters and a dungeon.
I use it to keep all my most devoted boys sheltered and with a home.
How can you be of service to me if you can’t even keep your job?

As you spoil and enrichen Me, I shall take care of you, my servant.

You will be MINE.

By becoming Mine, you become more than what you were, so that I may become all that I can become.

You will no longer have to worry about your living expenses, rent, food or clothing.

You will live a spartan lifestyle, devoid of petty luxuries that you don’t deserve.

You will sleep in bunk beds with your brother servants, and you shall eat together.

You will go to work only to return everything you’ve earned back to Me.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Please Me.
That will be your life starting now, if only you want it.

Do you want it?”

You stand back, stumble a bit.

It’s certainly a lot to take in at once.

“I…” you mumble, your head racing with thoughts you’ve never had before,

“It’s okay, take your time to think about it.
My offer will remain open to you for however long you need.
I am a Master and you are MY servant.
I take care of MINE.

See you soon, my servant.”

Three days passed.

You’re still shaking, but now for a different reason.

The phone in your hand is as heavy as your breathing.

“Hello Sir, it’s me. I want to be yours, Sir.
I want to be yours forever.”

“I’ve been expecting you, my servant.
There’s a bunk waiting for you.”

You can hear the devilish grin on my face.

The End

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