Sex Craze Rage

When I am teased too much, when I find myself in the few odd times I allow myself to be restrained or when I allow myself to be unleashed I enter a state that I call Sex Craze Rage.

Sex Craze Rage is a very peculiar state of mind wherein I become this deranged horny demon.

I’m not generally the most gentle of lovers yet in this state I lose any consideration for the person I’m with.

I become totally selfish and animalistic:
Speaking becomes grunting,
A spank becomes a slap,
A choke becomes a strangulation,
Orders turn into aggressive manhandling.

It can be fun to allow myself visits into this reckless state of mind though it’s dangerous to fully immerse myself within such a headspace.

I have damaged a few people with an ease that astounds me to this day.

That scares me: not being in control of my own actions and having the power to do harm.

Not being able to stop myself because a safe word has been used, a limit that has been thoroughly crossed.

Waking that demon that lies in the center of my being is easy but making him go back is nowhere near as easy for he leaves only when he’s spent.

However, there is a kind of fun that comes with letting things happen.

As someone who tries to be composed, letting go can be pure bliss.

Like many things, it is both positive and negative.

I don’t want to become repressed and neither do I want to become fully unleashed.

I think the secret is too find a healthy balance, something which I am actively engaged in.

I can’t have my Yin without my Yang.

Would you even want me to not be capable of attaining such a crazed state?

Of course you wouldn’t!

What a lousy Dominant I’d be if I weren’t capable of being so monstrous.

At the end of the day though, I am that demon and he is me.

I am a demon in angel’s clothing and I have Sex Craze Rage.

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