Fantasy #2: Sissy Boy Fuck Toy

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one.

Sissy Boy Fuck Toy


It was a hot summer evening, the air was thick, heavy and oppressive.

I had come back from a party and was getting to bed when a realization came to my mind: I hadn’t worked out yet today!

I couldn’t allow myself to be lazy since I knew I would feel bad the next day so I decided to go for a run.

With how hot it was, it would be like running in a sauna but I didn’t really mind.

It would be a nice little thermal shock to my system and I was never one to mind getting hot and sweaty.

I set out from the Manor estate, running through the quiet suburban streets.

Sweet quickly began to flow, drops gathering into streams and streams merging into raging rivers.

I was getting pretty thirsty so I decided to run through the local park and stop for a drink at the water fountain there.

The park was a fairly secluded location complete with a small but dense forest, tiny hills, and various playground equipment. The fountain was near the back of the park, close to the forest. Cobblestone paths connected everything together.

As I made my way through the park, I noticed how empty and quiet it was.

No teenagers were smoking weed or drinking beers, no lovers on a late night stroll, not even a raccoon or cat.

I stopped my running when I reached the fountain, gulped down several mouthfuls of water and panted heavily.

It was in between pants that I heard the sound.


I looked up and around.


The sound was quite faint but I finally managed to figure out it was coming from just beyond the treeline.


I slowly made my way to the forest and behind the first tree, I saw something that instantly brought out the devil in me.

Squirming on the leafy carpet was a small, feminine twink dressed in black tank top and a skirt, a ball gag in his mouth, hands tied behind his back. The clothes were pulled up to reveal a set of black lace lingerie underneath, the panties moved to the side so I could see he was plugged and locked in a pink chastity device.

His makeup was smeared and the blonde wig he was wearing was clearly out of place.

A good person would have helped the poor boy up, untied him, help him cover up and maybe offer him some help.

No such thought crossed my mind as I felt my jogging pants tighten quickly.

The sight of a such a helpless creature, bound, gagged, all alone was too much for my unprepared mind.

Impulsive thoughts assaulted my mind as I began to touch the bound boy.

He must not have realized I was there because he jumped at my touch and began to mumble more through the gag.

Unfortunately, this only stoked the fire that was burning in my mind.

“I seem to be having a very fortuitous night; not only have I found a helpless victim, but a cute one at that.”

The poor sissy seemed to realize my intention, as she began to shake and rock, as if that may put a stop to the coming storm.

“Shh, it’s going to be alright. I wouldn’t want you to tire yourself out already.
You’re going to need all your energy to handle me.”

The devil in me smiled from cheek to cheek:

“I promise I won’t break you… Deliberately.”

The End.

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