Fantasy #4 Part 1: Legally Bound

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Legally Bound Part 1


You were just so excited to finally meet him.


You’d found the perfect young Master to serve, and how handsome He was! He was gorgeous with all his best years still some ways off.

He was a man on the ascent which matched perfectly with your life on the decline.

You had no sons, no daughters, no wife or husband, all of your family long gone.


You missed the feeling of spoiling someone, of seeing their delight and of knowing you were what caused such happiness.

You missed providing for someone all that they could ever want because you know exactly what it’s like to not get what you want.

You missed having someone for whom you could make every day into Christmas.

That you also found a man capable of making you feel like a scared child again was just a cherry on top.


You were to meet at a popular restaurant bar.

It was a Thursday night and the place was packed with the people who worked in the surrounding offices.

The mood was lively, the people loud, and the shitty pop song in the background, rather faint.

You were already waiting, sipping quietly at your beer while waiting for your fate to arrive.

He showed up five minutes late looking like a movie character, full of youthful energy that seemed to rub off even on you.

He sat down next to you, ordering his beer without having to fight for the attention of the bartender, never apologizing or even mentioning his lateness.


“Good evening my sub. I’m amazed you were able to save me a seat, this place is packed! Do you have a table reserved?” He said in his deep voice that made you shiver.

“Yes, Sir. Shall we head over there now?”

“Yes, I think we shall.”


You signaled to the hostess and she led the two of you to your table, marked with a little “Reserved” plaquette that the hostess took with her.

You pulled his chair out for him and set him at his place once He was seated.

This was the first time you were meeting in person and you wanted to set a good impression.

You wanted to make sure He left knowing how eager you were to serve and to what lengths you’re willing to go to please this divine youth.

And here He is, across the table from you, too perfect for you to believe.


“So, Old Boy, how’re things since our last chat? Still sore?”

Your face reddened as the memory of inserting the tip of a wine bottle up your ass while He laughed himself hoarse returned to you.

“Yes, Sir. It hurts when I have to go to the bathroom but the pain reminds me of you so I don’t mind it” you answer without thought.

“Good, I like that it keeps your mind focused on what matters most,” He said. “A good sub always remembers his place, below his Master. Now tell me, why did you want to meet up today? I must admit that I was rather surprised by you calling a meeting. I didn’t think you were brave enough to even think of arranging such a thing.”

His directness catches you off-guard for a second.

“Well, Sir, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our relationship. I just can’t believe it’s already been a year! You’re the most mature and sadistic Dominant I’ve ever served. You push me to my limits and you make me excited when my days are boring. I have grown a lot under you and I’m super thankful for the opportunity. I’ve been thinking about how I can repay you, Sir. I haven’t been able to come up with a proper way on my own so I thought it best to ask you myself. How can I make you happy, Sir?”


He looks at you for a moment, carefully considering his next words.

“So you want to make me truly happy, to repay me for all the good I’ve brought into your life. I have an idea of how you can. First, though, I want you to answer a few questions for me. Do you have any children?”

“No, Sir.” Never had, never will you think.

“And you have no wife or husband, no boyfriend or girlfriend?”

“No, Sir.” Love lost. No time to dwell on it.

“There’s no one that depends on you?”

“No, Sir. It’s just you and I: that’s my whole world.”


He pauses after hearing your answer.

“If you’ve answered truthfully, then you can indeed make me happy. Were your answers genuine, boy?”

“Ye… Yes, Sir. I have no one, I live alone and I would die alone were I to die tomorrow. There are few who would remember me and fewer still would show up at my funeral. No one matters to me in this world as much as you do, Sir. Please allow me the opportunity to prove myself. I know I won’t let you down.”


He sits back, a bemused grin slowly carving itself on his face. The young dominant takes his time, making you wait for an answer. You watch silently as He brings his mug up for a sip, slowly savoring the beer before slowly setting the mug back down. You can’t help but start to feel anxious as you await your fate. You love how weak He can make you feel. You also love just how easily He can play you.


“How far are you willing to go for me, Old Boy? You say you want to make me happy, and I think I believe you. I just want to know how far you’re prepared to go.”

“Sir, I want nothing more than to be responsible for allowing you to live your life to its fullest potential. I’m an old man with all my best days behind me. You have the whole world before you and I want you to have it all. You deserve it, Sir. You’re the perfect mix of everything I am not. You are wiser in your youth than I am in my old age. You’re more clever and smart than I’ve ever been. You’re my King, Sir. My God. I would gladly worship at your feet until the end of time and thank you for every second of my servitude. Please, Sir, allow me the greatest of honors. Own me, Sir.”


He smiles that devilish grin of his, the one that lets you know He’s having all the fun in the world as if He’d been expecting your cry for ownership all along.


“I was expecting you’d say that,” He says in a voice filled with delightful arrogance.


He takes a folder out from his bag, opens it, and places the contract inside on the table.

“This is a power of attorney contract. In it, you agree to hand over all power concerning any and all legal, financial, health, personal, and whatever else kind of decision you’d have to make. You sign it and you’re legally my bitch. I have the final, and only, say in all that concerns you. There is no way for you to back out of it due to several clauses I had my lawyer add-in for good measure. Once in, you’re mine forever. Are you ready, Old Boy?”


You read the contract glancingly. It’s a legalese version of what He just said. You think about what, if anything, you have to hold you back from this dream come true but find nothing, no tie to anyone else that really matters. No one else can really compare to Him.


“I’m ready Sir” you blurt out excitedly.


He holds out a pen: “Then let’s begin your new life.”

End of part 1


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