Fantasy #5: Showered in Connor

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one.

The school bell rang, announcing the end of your suffering.


This month your class was hitting the gym and it was hell for you.

Your class was full of Adonises, boys (or maybe it was more accurate to call them Men) whose physiques made you painfully aware of your overweight condition.

They could all lift more, run faster and longer, jump higher than your fat ass ever could.

They would barely break a sweat whilst you wheezed away a storm.

They’ve even taken your inhaler a couple of times with a laugh.


It wasn’t all bad though, after class you were left breathless for another reason.

The boys all would shower which was heaven for you, a show you would remember all night.

Internet pornography couldn’t compete with these sweaty boys under hot, steamy showers.

Your biggest problem was enjoying this paradise of hard muscles without anyone noticing you completely perving out.


Just your kind of challenge.


There were 15 boys in your class and 14 communal showers.

The perfect math problem for you to solve.


It was always just such a drag to let them all go first while you waited to the side but you were just such a good boy that you’d let them.

Allowing them to use up all the hot water sucked but it was a price you would pay happily every single time.

Your favorite wasn’t the biggest or most built, but the tallest boy by the name of Connor.

There was something about His attitude, how He presented himself, how He would interact with you and everyone else that just brought out your most submissive thoughts.

He always had this aura about Him as though He were perpetually playing a game and winning.

And that smile of His, that grin that announced His presence from miles away, made you tremble like a wet cat.

You were sure that you would probably do anything He ever asked.


You would soon learn just how true that was.


As you made your way into the locker room to strip out of your sweat-soaked clothes, you noticed that Connor was getting undressed and even managed to get a peek of His toned ass before it was hidden by a towel.

He wasn’t really that much taller than the rest of the class yet He always stood out like a giant.

Maybe it was because He naturally commanded respect from everyone around Him, yet another thing you admired about him.


Connor joined the others in the already steaming communal showers.

This was your favorite part of school right here, seeing those 14 naked bodies glisten under the hot water.

It was your own private porno, one you always made sure to carve into your memory, to add to your spank bank for later.

You’ve used this image before and would use it countless times more.

Your weekly fantasy, re-enacted with perfection by the boy – no… Man- you worshipped.

You could feel yourself stiffening as the steam filled the locker room.

Your already tight towel feeling tighter.


Connor pulled out his bar of soap and you could feel the drool forming in your open mouth.

You found yourself staring at His body, wishing you could be the water flowing around every part of His perfect body, longing to be the soap licking His body clean.


It was at that moment that He noticed your attention.


His eyes met yours and the smile that appeared was a sadistic grin that let you know you were not only caught but in trouble.

A wave of nausea swept over you as you felt yourself getting even harder.

Somehow, you knew He knew why you were staring Him down.


He only looked at me, how the fuck does He do it!? you thought to yourself as your little dick stood at full attention.


He started to wash off the soap, His eyes never leaving you for a moment, never letting His Dominance over you fade.

You were done for and He wasn’t about to let you forget it.


He said something to make all the others boys laugh but you couldn’t hear his voice.

You slowly realized that they were all laughing at you.

Somehow, it didn’t faze you.


What was a slight humiliation compared to the attention of your God?


To be fair, it did give you a certain kind of perverted pleasure to know all these young men were giving you attention, even if it was humiliating.


“I always figured him to be some kind of weirdo, always going last” you finally heard one of the other boys say.

It was enough to bring you back to earth, so much so that you could now feel your cheeks burning with the intensity of a sun.

You turned away from them as if by keeping them out of your sight you’d escape their now overwhelming attention.


It didn’t work.


“Yeah I think he likes the shower just a little too much” another boy laughed more than spoke.

They all seemed to take an invisible cue and left their respective showers, each one of them staring you down as they wrapped themselves in their towels.


Connor left last and you swear you could see His grin through your skull as you stared at the floor, now too ashamed to look upon anything living.

“Hey bud looks like you dropped something,” Connor said in that deep voice of His.


HE was talking to you!

The sudden excitement that filled your being was enough to let you look up again, and that was when He grabbed the towel that was around your waist and tossed it onto the wet shower floor.


“You dropped your towel,” he said as He unwrapped His towel, briefly flashing his semi-stiff cock to you, before securing it around his waist again. “You should be much more careful with it, it’s such a bother to dry yourself with a wet towel.


“Yes.. Sir.” you replied, by sheer instinct, before even thinking of covering your now entirely nude body.

Did I really just call Him Sir? I’m such a weak fag! you thought to yourself.


His smile went up into His eyes and you could tell that He was entirely delighted by your pathetic display.

“You should really try to make it more interesting for me by putting up some kind of fight. Have you ever stood up for yourself?” His tone was mocking, full of obvious joy at your pathetic expense.


“I’m sorry, Sir… I mean Connor, it’s just I don’t know what to do…” you mumble more than speak.

“Of course you don’t know what to do, you’re some kind of spoiled mommy’s boy who can’t take care of yourself. You’re a lowly beta, luckily for you I’ve found a use for bitches like you. Don’t go anywhere; I’m having my fun the second all the boys leave.”

You could see the burning craze in those eyes of His and felt yourself tremble in the most pleasurable way.


You went into the shower like a child chastised, shoulders hunched into a ball.

The water was still hot for once but you couldn’t enjoy it.

You were too focused on Connor, and what He could possibly be about to put you through.


The locker room slowly emptied out, the sound of the boys making fun of you fading into silence.

The locker room doors closed one last time and you were alone with Him.




“Come out come out loser boy. It’s time to play.”

He was standing just outside the showers, His towel around His slim waist.

“I’m not a big fan of loser boys like you. You see, I’m disgusted by lowly betas like you. There’s something about the way you pathetic fucks look that just makes it impossible to give you any kind of respect.

Now here’s where you’re lucky, faggot boy… I’ve found that I can enjoy myself the most when I don’t have to give an iota of respect to who I’m with, knowing my pleasure is the only pleasure I must consider.

After all, a hole is a hole and I’m about to use yours.

Get on your knees.”


You followed His order without hesitation.

How could you hesitate when this was something you’d been dreaming about since the first time you saw Him?

It didn’t even matter that you had to kneel on the cold, wet tile floor because you were kneeling for HIM.


You looked up at Him, this beautiful creature and couldn’t help but notice what was twitching beneath his towel.

You swallowed hard.


“Now open wide and suck. You can stop when you’re throat becomes covered in my cum.”

What else could you do but oblige the Man?


You tried your best to stay on your knees as He thrust his long thick cock in your mouth, forcing it to the back of your mouth and down into your throat.

Your eyes watered, you gagged for air but He went on, unrelenting.


“You’re My faggot now. I’m going to use you like this over and over again. You’re MINE now and that means you’re meant for My pleasure only. Pleasing My cock is your only worry from now on.

You belong to ME. Whenever you want to cum, you will have to buy your pleasure from Me. You will pay me whatever I ask and thank Me for allowing you to have such a reward. If I ever catch you just scratching your groin without My permission, I’ll tell everyone just how much of a dirty pervert you are.”


He stopped thrusting here, finally removing His cock from your mouth.


“What do you say, bitch?” Connor said, towering above you.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir” you gasp before He shoves His dick back in.

He finally finishes as tears stream down your face, pulling His pulsing cock out and shooting His hot creamy load all over you. He’s not quite done with you, however. He makes you lick every last drop from His cock before finally stepping away from you.

“Here’s your first task as my faggot boy: shave your fucking body. You look like an ape and it’s repulsive. You have until tomorrow. Now forget the shower and get dressed. Yes, with my cum all over you.

I want you to be reminded of what I smell like all day. And remember loser, no cumming without paying Me your fag tax.”

He got dressed and left. You were still on the wet floor, your body as much of a mess as your mind.


You could get used to this.


Make Daddy happy.

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