10 Tips on How to Approach Me

Life is hard for submissives, especially for finsubs.

You’re weaker-willed and more agreeable on average, which adds up to make it a lot more difficult for a sub to properly approach and get the attention of a Dominant.

Today, I want to help you guys out with some general advice on how to approach Me and how to easily start having fun.


1: Don’t contact Me if you don’t want to give Me your money.

You don’t go to church if you have no intention of praying, you don’t go to a music festival if you don’t want to listen to music, so why message Me if you have no intention to ever part ways with your cash?

I get it: I’m hot and you would love my attention. That being said, wasting my time is a very easy way to get yourself in my bad book and to make it less likely that I ever talk to you.

You can compliment Me, that I will never say no to, just do so by commenting on my posts, not by crawling into my DMs.

DMs are for the serious boys, not the pretenders.

2: You don’t have to be the richest man in the world, you just need to have the desire to improve My life.

I don’t have any expectations at all as to what level of wealth is actually possessed by those I choose to interact with. While I am a greedy bastard and thus prefer a wealthier sub, some of the most devoted and loyal subs I’ve had the unique pleasure of meeting were poor students.

I am here to dominate, rule, impose, objectify, and prosper.

Contribute to my goals and be rewarded, fail to do so and suffer the punishment that is to be ignored, blocked, and not thought of.

3: Actions speak louder than words.

There is a classic saying in the world of business: Bullshit walks & money talks.

I will always take $5 in my hand today over the endless promises of $50 next week, next payday.

Subs, you have to understand one thing: you’re all strangers to Me. I don’t know any of you, I don’t know if you’re trustworthy or a scammer. You need to prove yourself to Me, that you are someone who’s word is golden. You need to back up whatever you say with the proper action.

If you don’t, you will get ignored like the hordes of boys I have no time for.

4: Be careful about how you address Me.

Many of you never learned how to properly address a Master, so here’s how it works.

I am not dude, guy, bud, man, daddy, giant, master or sir.

I am Dude, Guy, Bud, Man, Daddy, Giant, Master or Sir.

When you communicate with Me, you will do so properly or you will be ignored.

5: Don’t expect anything.

A secret I learned long ago in life: Expect nothing so that you may be pleasantly surprised when things work out for you.

Too many people think that by tributing they are entitled to My time and/or My attention when nothing could be farther from the truth. If you approach Me or serve Me, you get what I want to give you. If I feel like talking with you, I’ll talk with you. If I don’t feel like talking with you, I won’t.

I actually talk with a few people that have never tributed and I ignore a few that have tributed.

I am a Dom: I do what I want.

You’re here for the ride.

6: I am not above reproach or criticism.

If there’s one thing that motivates Me more than anything else, it’s the desire to be the best that I can possibly be, then to get better. I want to end each day better off than I was when I woke up. The only way that can be readily achieved is by being self-aware and by listening to what others say. I may not care too much about what others think but I know that people rarely shy away from telling you what could be better.

Never be afraid to tell Me you thought something I did was cringy, to question a statement I made, to disagree with my philosophy. As long as you have valid criticisms and can back-up your opinion, I will listen to you. I may disregard what you tell Me but I will listen.

I am determined to achieve my goals and you’re going to help Me.

7: I give the orders.

As a sub, you don’t get to order Me around. Want something specific? Talk with Me about it. I’m not a monster and I’m actually open to a lot of kinky shit, so chances are I like what you like.

The easiest way of getting Me not to do something is to demand that I do it. I have a disagreeable part of Me that enjoys not following what others tell Me to do.  I am very rebellious so don’t give Me a reason to go against you.

8: Be yourself.

Don’t try to act like someone you’re not so that I like you more. I am pretty good at smelling out fake behavior and I really don’t appreciate it, particularly in the people I play with. Be yourself, as quirky or different as that may be. Don’t ever feel the need to lie about yourself or try to aggrandize yourself.

It’s much easier to stand out with your imperfections than it is by fake perfection.

9: Clearly set your limits.

When we begin talking, I will ask you all kinds of questions. The point here is to get to know you, learn what you like and dislike, what makes you function as a person and what sets you apart. I need to know these things so that we may have the best possible time together. I need to know what your limits are so that I know what lines not to cross as well as learn where I can push things if only a bit.

Tell Me your budget, your turn-ons, and turn-offs.

I’m not a psychic so I’ll never know these things unless you tell Me.

10: Do your fucking homework.

I understand what it’s like to be horny, to have discovered something truly attractive, to lust for something new.

What I don’t understand is being a sub that is serious about living the lifestyle AND not taking the time to read through a potential new Dominant’s content. As a sub, your purpose in this world is to bring pleasure to your Dominant and still you act without considering their wishes?

What a shitty way to start a relationship, by showing you have don’t even have the patience to do a little reading! Nothing shows you’re more deserving of my time than doing all the things I absolutely hate.


Follow these rules and you’re sure to earn my attention and favor.

It’s easy to please Me once you learn how.

Listen to my podcast.


Comment question of the week: How do you go about approaching a Dominant as a sub?


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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