Fantasy #6: Training Camp Sissy

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one.

Reveille played out in the calm morning air, and you woke up with a start.

The other cadets around you were rising as well, every one of them trying to make the most of the 15 minutes they had before the morning inspection.

You thought of all the things you were willing to give that very moment to have another 5 minutes of sleep when the Drill Sergeant came by your bunk.

“Well good morning, Princess. I see you’ve decided to take the morning easy so that must mean you’re going to be ready without a single problem with your bunk or uniform,” He said that voice of His that sounded like He was above anything and everything.

“Sir, consider it done, Sir” you replied sleepily while rubbing your eyes.

“We’ll see about that. You weren’t at attention when addressing a superior officer, cadet. That’s 60 burpees to be done by this evening on your time.” He didn’t even look at you as He told you your sentence, His focus already on the next cadet who was out of line.

You watched that giant bastard walk on to actually chew out another recruit, this one having forgotten how to properly make his bed to the sergeant’s liking.

He was a tough, mean, son of a bitch. He knew every dirty trick there was to fighting (all the fair ones, too) and He consistently had everyone in the unit working their asses off until exhaustion. Somehow, despite His strictness and eagerness to punish, He was always fair. He never punished anyone for reasons they weren’t guilty of and the few rewards He handed out on occasion could cheer up even the most overworked and somber recruit.

He also just happened to be handsome, which was something you were noticing more and more.

His hair was kept short and trimmed, hidden most of the time in His officer’s beret. His eyes were a gray that reminded you of a stormy sea, maybe because He’d been verbally assaulting you the moment that you’d noticed their color. He wasn’t the biggest soldier you’d ever seen but He was one of the most solid.


You also had seen more than enough to guess at the size of His solid and it was something that helped you ease into sleep at night.


Eventually, you broke out of your daydreaming and snapped to, realizing you were going to have even more burpees if you weren’t ready on the double. You made your bed as quickly as you could, showered long enough to get wet, dragged a razor over your face. and dressed up, closing the last button of your uniform just as attention was called. Unfortunately, you hadn’t straightened out your posture enough and He immediately noticed it.

“Well well well, just as I had expected. Princess, did your dad never teach you how to be a man? What are you doing slouching in My regiment, during morning inspection?!? All these other apes are just as tired as you, yet they all have their spines straighter than arrows.” There was something you just loved about Him berating you that more than made up for whatever suffering you were to face.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I guess my father just raised a fag is all.” You’d never thought like this before, but two weeks in boot camp changed a man.

“Princess, I will make a man of you if I have to tape a dildo between your legs myself. Now get that spine straight. I will not have a single, miserable runt like you mess up all the hard work your comrades have done. Add on 60 push-ups to your burpees. And I’ll have you stay behind for a word, Private Princess.”

He was apparently done with you, His focus now fixed on a poor soul who still was having trouble with polishing his boots to the sergeant’s liking. It was tough to be angry at someone who treated everyone equally harshly. You wished He would single you out and treat you like dirt.

You slowly became nervous as you began to think about what the Sarge wanted with you, what he was going to be said that the others couldn’t hear. It couldn’t be more insults and denigration, those He clearly had no problems with dishing out insults in front of the others. This had to be something else, something much more serious.

“Oh Princess, how can one person be such a big fuckup?” His voice broke through your thoughts, as it always did, making you jump.

You worried so much you didn’t even notice the recruits leaving for the mess hall and that the two of you were now alone in the barracks. He had snook up behind you and grabbed you, one hand cupping your mouth and silencing you, the other jabbed you in the lower back.

“How are you ever going to help out your brothers and sisters in arms if you can’t even pay attention to your surroundings? If I were an enemy combatant, I’d have my knife deep in your kidney right about now. You’d be dead and not a single one would be alerted. You would die, and then your comrades would die.”

He got closer, leaned his mouth into your ear and whispered: “Get on your knees, Princess.”

You were so startled you had no thought but to obey. The sergeant had at least been able to instill some soldier instinct in you.

“Good girl. You know Princess, I don’t think you have what it takes to be a soldier. You have no awareness, no spine, no fighting spirit in you. You’re weak and a total bitch boy. I was going to talk with you to find out what your issue is but a better idea has come to me.

The only thing you have going for you Princess is your obedience and your desire to please. You do what you’re told, even if it takes some punishment to properly motivate you and you clearly love making others happy.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

I have been given a faggot, I will make a sex slave.”

His words bounced around your mind and all you could you think was how you’d been waiting for someone to say those words. It was something you’d wanted and yet weren’t aware of, and He’d brought it all out. Your facade came crumbling down in the face of his intuition.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean, Sir” you replied, trying to act coy but he was taking none of it.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Princess. I know your secret, what you keep hidden under your bunk. I’ve seen the way you look at your brothers in arms. I think I can more than guess at what it is that goes on in that head of yours.

You know why I call you Princess? It’s because I know you’re a sissy. I found the lacy lingerie you kept there. I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe you could be a good soldier. I now know that you have no potential as a soldier, but you still have potential as a sissy boy.

The only way you can serve is on your knees, and I will make sure you do your duty. Some regiments have mascots, we will have a sissy. Your duty will be simple: You will make sure each and every other member of this regiment is serviced to their heart’s content. You will suck and empty each and every cock of cum, lick every cunt until they are left quivering with pleasure. Your uniform will start off with what you had hidden under that bunk of yours, and as you do a good job, you will be rewarded with new outfits.

I also happened to notice you had a chastity device in your footlocker. That’s perfect since you will not be allowed to touch yourself. You are to be selfless and the only way you are allowed to orgasm is if some hard recruit fucks one out of you.

Your new life begins now, sissy boy. Now hit the showers again, make sure you remove every last hair from your body and change into what your lacy things. Private Ramirez has not stopped blabbing about how much he misses having his girlfriend suck him off, so you’ll do him the pleasure of draining him after mess hall.

Oh, and forget about the burpees and pushups. A sissy can’t have hard muscles now, can she? Instead, I want you to start doing squats. We need to start creating a more feminine figure with your body. Might as well start there. ”

“SIR YES SIR!!” you were happier than you’d been in a very long time.

“Good girl. Now get ready. After you lock yourself, you’ll hand the key over to Me.

Dismissed, sissy”.

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