Fantasy #7: Alpha Couple

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one…

There they were, two exquisite specimens of the human race.

The gentleman, tall, athletic, handsome with a wild grin, the lady, not quite as tall in her high heels, her curves giving off the marvelous hourglass, her face angelic.

They were at the bar, laughing and talking, the man ordering drinks for the pair.

You’d been watching the door, waiting for your date to arrive, but now you were watching something else, your date completely forgotten about.

These two were simply captivating, looking as if they’d walked out of some high-end Hollywood production and standing out against all the average people.

They radiated such an intense strength, such confidence, such power, that it was difficult not acknowledging their presence.

You tried to sip your drink quietly, you even tried to distract yourself with your phone, but the effort proved futile.

Your mind found itself obsessed with these two, and you were only along for the ride.

You eventually noticed your phone ringing.

It was your date, a girl you’d met on an app.

You answer the phone, she asks where you are and you let her know you’re already inside the bar at a table.

She arrives as soon as the call ends and makes her way to you.

She looked beautiful but couldn’t quite compare with the combined beauty that was this man and his woman.

You try to hold a conversation with your date but you can’t really due to your mind being preoccupied with THEM.

You try to maintain eye contact with your match but you can’t hold it for more than a few seconds before you look to them, those two Gods sitting at the bar.

It gets so bad you just start lobbing open-ended questions, hoping your date can talk for two as you continue your voyeuristic enjoyment of this couple’s beauty and innate power, but even that proves futile.

Your date notices your gaze is not on her. Graceful as can be, she asks if you wanted another drink, assuming that’s why you were looking at the bar.

You jump on the easy out, thanking the stars for the chance to get closer to those two lovely people.

Your heart begins to jump around in your chest as you approach the bar, even more so when you notice that the only empty seats are directly next to the couple.

You sit your date down next to the lady and sit to her left, putting your date between you and the couple thereby allowing you to look at your date and at the couple simultaneously.

You start talking again and this time you’re able to hold a conversation, most likely because you can no longer afford to pretend like you’re distracted.

The two of you talk about your favorite shows on Netflix, your mind no longer focused on them.

It’s at that moment you notice that the power couple is staring at your date.

And it’s not just the handsome devil that is staring her down, the lady is also looking at her in a playful manner.

They remind you of footage of a lion and lioness, who’ve just spotted prey and are preparing for a hunt.

The lion watches from afar, patiently waiting to see if the lioness will need his help in securing their evening meal.

All you can do is gulp as the lioness’ face lights up with a friendly smile and she interrupts your date.

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds but I just love your dress! Where did you get it?” the woman asks your date, her voice dripping with congeniality.

The two of them start what you feel like will be a long conversation, so you take a moment to look at him, and immediately regret your decision.

He’s not staring at your date, but at you.

He raises his glass to you and takes a sip, the smile on his lips confirming his desire to take what is yours, the twinkle in his eyes indicating he’s having a blast messing with you.

All you can do is sip your own drink, hoping the alcohol will calm your breaking nerves.

“I’m so sorry to have interrupted your date, you two make such a cute couple! I’m Teresa, and that handsome fellow to my right is my man, Connor. What are your names?” the beautiful woman asks your date.

“I’m Marie and my date over here is John” your date answers, blissfully unaware of the game being played around her.

The man, Connor, approaches your date with his arms open, he hugs her and gives her the bise (two kisses, one on each cheek), whispers something in her ear before stretching out his giant hand to clasp yours.

He squeezes your hand in a way that says “I could break your weak wrist right now if I so desired but I won’t because I want to fuck your date in front of you” or that’s just how your interpretation of it.

“I have an idea, ladies. How about we make our way to a private booth so that we can all talk in much more intimate and comfortable setting?” he asks, his tone of voice deep and resounding.

Marie looks around and says “That’s a good idea but I don’t see any free booths at the moment.”

Connor just smiles and says “Don’t worry about it. There’s always room for me if I want it.”

He waves the bartender over and says something to him while handing the bartender a $100 bill.

The bartender smiles and disappears for a moment.

When he reappears, he guides all four of you to a now empty booth.

“It’s always a pleasure, Sir” the bartender says while shaking Connor’s hand before returning behind the bar.

The ladies sit on the same side and immediately resume their conversation, leaving you to sit on beside the man who will be leaving with your date.

“Like I said, my dear John, there’s nothing in this world I can’t have if I want it. Now I have some bad news for you but also some good news. Which would you care to hear first, Johnnie boy?” The smile has left his lips yet he seems even more delighted than he did before.

“The bad news I guess?” you reply.

“The bad news is that Marie will be leaving with Teresa and myself and you’re not going to get laid tonight,” he says before taking a small sip of his drink.

“And what’s the good news?” you ask.

“The good news, Johny, is that you’ll be able to watch as I fuck Marie and Teresa into puddles of twitching flesh. And some even better news, if you’re a good boy and don’t make too much noise, I might even allow you to cum on yourself as you watch. But that’s only if I’m feeling benevolent.” His smile has returned to his lips and you feel your manhood standing at attention.

“You and I are going to talk for a few minutes while Teresa makes Marie more comfortable and everyone finishes their drinks. Once that happens, I will invite everyone over to my penthouse for some drinks. You will agree without objection. We will make our way over there, have some more drinks, smoke a little herb before we proceed to debauchery.

You will find yourself a chair and sit in the corner while watching the three of us play. If I hear you or if you distract me from the women in any way, I will end you. I want Marie to know just how much of a cuck you are.”

“B-but how did you know I’m a cuck?” you ask.

He winces upon hearing.

“I can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them. To me, you look like nothing but a cuck, a weak creature to be used and dominated by a superior being like me. Oh, and don’t ever talk to me like that again. You are to address me as “Sir” or you are to be silent. Is that understood, Johnie boy?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand you completely” you answer before realizing it. It seems you’ve been waiting your whole life for someone to command you, and now that he’s here, you’re going to make sure you don’t fuck it up.

“Good boy, now finish your drink; the ladies have finished their’s,” he commands before draining his drink.

“Ladies, Johny and I have been talking about my place and he’s just dying to see it. How about we all go over there and continue our night in a quieter setting? I’ve got a fully-stocked bar I’ve been dying to share.”

Marie looks to you so you nod your head, showing your approval.

She quickly agrees and goes back into her conversation with Teresa, some kind of debate about the best hairdressers in town.

Good boy,” Connor says, in a way that makes you happier than any orgasm ever made you feel.


As you leave Connor’s apartment much later that night, you realize it was definitely the best sex you’d ever been part of.

Marie was even nice enough to let you know she had a good time with you but she would be staying the night.

Connor even gave you his number, which to you is the crowning achievement of the night (never mind the fact that it came with a long list of stipulations, some of which you weren’t even sure you understood but still agreed to).

You now had a master to command you, to dominate you, and to cuckold you.

How could your night have gone better?.

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