The Fetishist’s Paradox EXPLAINED

Today I would like to explain an idea I came up with, the Fetishist's Paradox. Now I can't claim total credit for this idea of mine, I was very much inspired by this tweet from the lovely @TheOnlyTheodora: So what is the fetishist's paradox exactly? The fetishist's paradox is the idea that there will be … Continue reading The Fetishist’s Paradox EXPLAINED

Fantasy #9: A Boy Owned, A Boy Transformed

Eric was short for an 18-year-old.   He was quite handsome, in a boyish sort of way; lean and hairless - the quintessential twink. Where the others boys moved like tanks, he bounced around with the grace of a cat. His brown hair was always kept in order and his blue eyes shined like stars. … Continue reading Fantasy #9: A Boy Owned, A Boy Transformed