Fantasy #9: A Boy Owned, A Boy Transformed

Eric was short for an 18-year-old.


He was quite handsome, in a boyish sort of way; lean and hairless – the quintessential twink. Where the others boys moved like tanks, he bounced around with the grace of a cat. His brown hair was always kept in order and his blue eyes shined like stars. Today, that same starlight glistened his smile because he would be pimped out for the first time.


You see, Eric was not like the other boys. While they were all busy chasing after girls, he was fantasizing about being a girl and having boys chase him. He didn’t want to be a big strong man but to be a big strong man’s girl. He wanted to spend every day in lingerie, to wear make-up and high heels. He wanted to feel pretty.


What had started with a fascination quickly became something much deeper, something that was as much a part of him as his soul. He thought that it would end with him sucking a stranger in a park while he was wearing panties, but he was wrong. He thought that wearing makeup and lingerie at a sauna would be enough to satiate him, but he was wrong. He thought that adding a wig, a chemise, and a skirt while satisfying his neighbor would be enough, but he was wrong again. Hell, he thought that locking his own dick up in a chastity device would finally be enough but still, he was wrong.


Luckily, he found a Master that understood him.


It was pure luck on Eric’s part as well: he’d been crossdressing with strangers on Omegle (an anonymous video chat service) trying to see if he could “trap” any straight boys with the sight of his lace-clad ass. He’d just revealed his facade to someone when he was matched with ‘Sir’.


Above all else, it was Sir’s devilish grin that caught Eric’s attention. In that smile was a confidence and perversion that he had not encountered before or since.


The two of them hit it off immediately, and, after a rather intense session of play, discovered that they lived in the same city, not too far from one another. They planned a meeting and Eric had such a good time of it he asked Sir to own him, to keep him locked and be his keyholder. Sir happily obliged knowing full well the level of control he was about to have over Eric.


With his key handed over and on his knees, wearing the lingerie that his Master had picked for him, Eric was renamed Erica. It was a very happy moment for the young sissy, a moment that left him feeling prouder and more accomplish`ed than his high school graduation had left him feeling.


Over the course of the next few months, Erica would undergo laser hair removal and an exercise regiment focused on toning heris ass and legs and ignoring the rest of his body. Her diet also changed: no more junk food for this sissy, Erica had to always look perfect for Master. Erica always wore lingerie now, even if she was going to her regular job. She still dressed and acted as Eric in her everyday life, but she dreamed more and more of becoming Erica full-time.


It wasn’t enough for her to have her momentary reprieves with Master, no, Erica wanted to be Erica ALL the time.


That was when Master told her what he could do to help her live her dream.

“I know you want to commit to being Erica all of the time, and there are ways for you to transition. We could get you on hormone replacement therapy and get you some plastic surgery but it all comes with a cost. I know you can’t afford to pay for it yourself or you’d have done it already. So I have a proposal for you, my sweet Erica, one that will benefit both of us but one that will require a huge commitment from you.


“Erica, I can pay for your therapy and surgeries, provide you with a home and a place to belong. You’ll have all the clothes and things you could ever want. You will never lack for want or need. You will always be taken care of and your life will be good. You will never have to hold another job like the one you have now. You won’t have to go to school anymore.

“All I ask in return is that you sign yourself over to me. I can help you live your dreams, but I want you to give yourself to me entirely. You will enslave yourself willingly to me, and you shall lose any agency over your own life. You will lose the ability to say no to me and will do everything I say. You will belong to me as a toy, one that will be played with how and when I want. Your consent will be non-existent. You will own nothing, you will never vote again, you won’t be able to move without my approval.


“I can give you what you want, but I want TOTAL CONTROL in return.


“Now, that’s a lot to take in at once, so I want you to think it over for me, Erica. This is not a choice to be made swiftly because once you agree to it, your freedom is forever gone. We’ll meet in a week and I’ll give you until then to come to a decision. I want a Yes or No answer, Erica, because I am not open to negotiating my demands.


“And know that even if you refuse my offer, we can continue with things as they were. I’m not going to use petty manipulation on you. I want you to choose what you really want, not what you think will make Me happy.”


And He left, letting Erica make the biggest decision she would ever make in her life.


Erica didn’t sleep that first night, her mind so filled with endless speculation, wondering how each choice would affect her life, dreading over the possibilities her Master might come up with. She trusted Him, but she also knew that He was a man who would ultimately do with her as He pleased, and that made her fearful. She knew He would abuse her, take advantage of her, use her in any way He wanted. It terrified her, yet it also turned her on.


When she went to work on the following morning, she felt like a zombie, drifting through her shift as though she wasn’t alive, just an automaton. The angry customers did little to faze her on account of her exhaustion though it brought to mind her Master’s promise of no longer having to work, of being taken care of forever more.


When her shift finally ended, her mind was made up. She went to her manager and gave her two week’s notice.


She was going to accept her Master’s offer.


That night, Erica slept like a rock for she had finally found something that could comfort her better than any drug: the knowledge that she would belong to Him forever.


The rest of her week passed so slowly it seemed like she lived three days for every one that passed. She made all the arrangements that needed to be made, spoke to her family and let them know she would be leaving home, arranged for fellow employees to cover her last week of work, sold some of her stuff and gave the rest away. She called her school and dropped out.


Finally, it was time once again to meet her Master, and she was ready.


When the two finally met up again, He didn’t even greet her, merely pulled out a Power-of-Attorney contract and set it down on the table in front of her, a black pen to the side.

“What’s your decision, Erica?”

“Sir, I am yours. You own me. Forever…” Erica replied, her heart pounding in her chest.


He smiled and it let her know He’d expected her answer.

“Now sign on the lines, my pretty.”


And with that, she was His.




A year went by, and Erica was not only passable but indistinguishable. She might have been a boy before but now she was all woman.


She was all His.


One night, Master came home with a friend, a work colleague He told her. She met with them and drank wine with them, playing the part of the perfect hostess, as Master expected of her. As the evening went on and one bottle of wine became two then three, the guest began making comments about Erica, describing what he would love to have her do.

This made Master speak up.

“Well I am thankful for your appreciation of my darling Erica, you must know she is mine and mine alone. I possess her body, mind and spirit. What I say, she does. You don’t believe me, do you? You think I’m being hyperbolic. Erica sweetie, I want you to crawl on your knees to me, unzip my pants and start sucking my cock in front of our guest.”

Erica promptly complied, her little clit stiffening in her chastity cage.


“You see my friend, she will do whatever I want and do it with an amount of skill you wouldn’t believe. You’d like to have a go, wouldn’t you? Well, we are businessmen, so why don’t we come up with a deal. One night with my sweet Erica for the low sum of ten thousand dollars. You get her all night, and she’ll make it her mission to make sure you leave happy as can be. Won’t you, Erica” Master said, turning to address Erica by the end of it.


Erica gulped and not just because she had a full mouth.


This was something she’d dreamed about for a very long time, ever since Master had filled her head with fantasies of being a high-end escort. She smiled brightly as she realized that He’d brought this man over for her. He was the most selfish selfless man she’d met and she loved Him for it.


“Your wish is my command, Master,” she said before going back to giving Him a blowjob.

“Good girl. So what do you say, my friend? You’ll take her, very good very good. How’s tomorrow night then? I see you’re a little too drunk for her now, you can barely sit without falling! That’s good? Great! So it’s settled, you will have the lovely Erica tomorrow night! You’re in for a real treat, Erica is such a good whore! Now if you’ll excuse us, I want to fuck more than just this lady’s throat. You can spend the night if you like, my friend, since it would let us start on our business again tomorrow. Oh, and if the noise bothers you, there are noise-canceling headphones in the cupboard.”




“I need to approve your outfit before you leave, Erica. Hurry up with your makeup so I can see you off. My friend is waiting.”


Erica was in the bathroom, finishing her mascara. She was wearing a little black dress, black fishnets, and red heels. She had trouble believing that the woman she saw in the mirror’s reflection was her, that she’d changed so much in so little time, all thanks to her Master.


She left the bathroom and presented herself to Master.


“Very good. Turn around, let me see your ass. Perfect. You are a well-trained whore and I’m proud of how far you’ve come along. Run along now, the Uber is waiting for you downstairs.

Go and make Daddy proud. Go and make Daddy some money.” He patted her ass and gave small squeeze as she strutted away.


Erica smiled, happy to be Daddy’s good girl.



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