The Fetishist’s Paradox EXPLAINED

Today I would like to explain an idea I came up with, the Fetishist’s Paradox.

Now I can’t claim total credit for this idea of mine, I was very much inspired by this tweet from the lovely @TheOnlyTheodora:


So what is the fetishist’s paradox exactly?

The fetishist’s paradox is the idea that there will be people out there who are so kinky that they leave you feeling vanilla and that there are also people so vanilla that they will make you feel like the biggest pervert to have ever lived.


Everyone likes to compare themselves with someone else.


Humans are animals that evolved to live in groups, so this desire for comparison is not only useful, but it is essential in determining whether you are in the limits of social norms or not.

When you compare your kinks and fetishes with someone else’s, you are inevitably going to encounter someone whose sexuality borders on true depravity.


I’m very much disturbed and disgusted by pedophiles and zoophiles, yet they exist and even more amusingly, I’ve seen a forum discussion where zoophiles and pedophiles debated the merits of each fetish in one of the most bizarre and disgusting discussions I’ve witnessed.

Each side, with the disturbing particularities of their fetishes, made me feel like a regular, good vanilla boy, content with merely tying down and chocking someone.

On the opposite end of things, I’ve had discussions with friends, usually during a game of “Never Have I Ever”, where I realized when talking about what I’d done in my own sex life just how far I differed from the norm.


What can I say? Sex just isn’t sex for me without some much-needed play to spice things up.


I wonder how many hardcore fetishists there are who never feel this paradox, what those extreme souls must be like, and what gets them off?

I also wonder what it must be like to be content with simple vanilla life and sex, how boring and uninspiring it must be to live in such a boring, unexciting way.

I know from my brief time studying human sexuality that humans are incredibly diverse in their perverse nature, that anything you can think of is sexually attractive to at least one person, that human beings can sexualize literally anything and everything. From Hentai to pedophilia, humans don’t hold ANYTHING holy or sacred.

And we never should, for life is about realizing the absurdities we face and rising to surmount them.

Or, short of that, cumming a good amount.

Going Deeper:

I noticed a lot of similarities between my proposed fetishist’s paradox and the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is a form of cognitive bias.

If you don’t know, a cognitive bias is a way your brain is used to working which, while generally helpful, can cause problems when left unchecked.


The Dunning-Kruger effect works like this: someone who is unskilled at a particular skill will tend to overvalue themselves.

It can also apply to highly-skilled individuals and them under-valuing their skill because they are so used to it they can take their skills for granted.

Most interestingly, people in the middle of the pack, the average, tend to think the absolute least in their skills.



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