Morning at the Manor

The sound of birds chirping and singing their songs woke me up, the music drifting in through the open window of my room. I rose out of bed, rubbing my eyes and taking the time to properly stretch out. I made my way to the window and parted the curtains open, revealing the green of a forest, a forest that I owned, and the sun shining through it all basking me and my room in warmth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement: some slave already at work gardening. I stretched again, letting myself bask in the sun a moment longer before truly making a start to my day.

Today was going to be a good day, I could feel it.

I made my way to the bathroom, and stripped down before showering, a morning ritual letting me wash away the previous day’s sins from my flesh. Once done, I toweled myself dry and combed my hair, making sure to trim any hairs in my beard that were out of place. I went to my closet and opened it up, choosing some black jeans and a charcoal polo, white athletic cotton socks on my feet. I looked in the mirror and was more than happy with the reflection.

I entered the kitchen, the cook slaves working to make sure all the other slaves were properly fed before the start of their day. At the Manor, all slaves were taken care of but had to work hard in return. I was noticed almost immediately, as the prompt “Good morning Sirs” welcomed me. These slaves were well trained and hard-working, focused on pleasing and living for Me. One of the slaves tasked with serving the morning meal promptly fetched me a warm mug of coffee, served black.

Alfred appeared in front of Me, tablet in hand, as I blew on my coffee to cool it.

“Good morning, Sir. I have a list of potential new subs and we have two new arrivals coming later this afternoon,” he stated in that warm British accent that had earned him his nickname.

“Very good, my dear Alfred. I trust you will take care of the new arrivals as usual. Send me the new subs’ information by email; I’ll get to work on that right away.

I went to my office and sat behind the large oak desk. I opened my computer and went over the emails, ending up pretty unimpressed by the applications. I rejected both and started writing a bit before hitting a bout of writer’s block. Feeling like I had hit a wall and in need of some perverse inspiration, I picked up my phone and called Alfred, asking him to send up a slave boy and a slave girl.

The requested duo arrived quickly and entered the room. They stood ready for inspection, hands to their sides, shoulders and back straight, eyes looking straight ahead. They were both wearing their uniforms well: a white t-shirt and jeans. He was a big, muscled lad, she a graceful elf of a woman. They were both exemplary humans and had been selected for this job because of their qualities.

“You there, big boy, on all fours now,” I ordered calmly and firmly.

He complied, all too willing to obey my every whim.

“I’m tired of using my chair so I’m going to be using you like a chair. I know you’ll be happy to bear my weight because you’re a good boy. If you fall and make me hit the ground, I will hit you,” I said as I sat down on his firm back, feeling him suddenly flexing under the weight.

“And you, girl, aren’t just here to look pretty. I ran low on inspiration this morning and few things get my creative juices flowing like playing with something pretty. Stand in front of me and turn around so that your ass is facing me. Good girl. Now I want you to slowly strip in front of me, give me a good show.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied while looking back over her shoulder, a playful smile on her lips.

Her hips started to gyrate in beat to some music only she heard, her t-shirt the first thing to be removed, revealing her porcelain skin which contrasted against her black bra. She began to undo her pants, and when she bent down to try to get them off from around her ankles, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into my face, my tongue hungrily attacking her with a thousand quick licks after I had moved her panties to the side. She moaned in delight though I could barely hear her over the noise I was making. When she began to tremble from my assault, I pushed her back.

“I don’t remember allowing you an orgasm, girl. You know better than cumming without asking for permission. Now face me on your knees, I have something for you. Yes, you have the right idea; take my pants and underwear off. I can tell by how eager you are that you’ve missed my cock. Don’t worry my dear, it missed that warm mouth of yours. Now open wide and get to work.”

She didn’t have the time to say “Yes, Sir” before I had thrust my way into her open mouth. I was not feeling patient this morning but I don’t think she minded in the least. She bobbed her head up and down, making sure to use her tongue as a sort of sliding pad and to stimulate the nerve endings on my cockhead with it. I felt myself relax as she worked away whatever tension I had, all the while feeling my passions grow from candle flame to raging inferno.
“I can tell you’re getting really excited now, Sir,” she said with a bratty playful tone in her voice while taking a short break, making sure to stroke and work my cock all the while. “Maybe you’d like something tighter and much more… comfortable?”

“If you’d not asked, I was going to end up there eventually but let’s start the fun early and see how well the brute can hold up while the two of us bounce on him” I replied, my impulsed driven wild by this graceful harlot.

She mounted me and slid herself in, gasping at first penetration. I felt her tightening and clenching, warm wetness entombing my cock deep inside her. After catching her breath, she began to bounce, following the same rhythm she’d been stripping to though she did seem to speed up as time went on. I watched her as her breasts bounced up and down, listened to the music of sexual fluids sloshing about, felt her rise to the tip of my cock before bringing me back all the way in. I could feel the slave I was using as my bed beginning to shake. I reached up to her and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her so close to me nothing separated us. I went to her ear and whispered:

“I think we’re about to actually break the slave we’re on so I think it best we continue this on my desk.”

She giggled as I rose, lifted her up, and brought her to the desk, making sure I stayed in her the whole time.

“Just because we’re done with you Brutus that doesn’t mean you have to stop being a table. You will stop only when I tell you. For now, enjoy the show”

I laid her on the table, facing up at me. I brought those flexible legs of hers back and made her wear them as earrings before I went at her. It was nice to have such a beautiful creature at my whim, so I enjoyed the view before I had her turn over and on her knees, back arched and ass in the air. I penetrated her again and played with her tight rosebud, rubbing it with a wet finger. She was still an anal virgin though I was making great strides in getting her to open up to the idea. I had fallen into a rhythm and became lost in my lustful headspace when I felt the sudden onset of orgasm.

I pulled out and she immediately turned around and took me in her mouth, working her magical tongue up and down my shaft before I fully let go and released my cum deep in her throat.

When I had finished my ejaculatory spasming, I collapsed next to her on my desk, legs hanging over the edge.

Today was going to be a good day.


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