Fantasy #11: Cucked.

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one…

You gulped as you readied yourself, for this was going to be the biggest confession of your life, one whose ultimate outcome was still hidden from you.

“I want to watch you as someone else fucks you, baby. I want to be cuckolded.”

Once the words left your mouth, you regretted even speaking them. You could see the shock on your girlfriend’s face, the hint of disappointment, the murmur of disgust. You could already tell she would never see you the same way again, that things would be changed forever more. And ye,t, you also somehow felt good, free, as though a great and terrible burden had been lifted from your soul.

Seeing a lack of reaction on her part, you spoke up again, explaining yourself as best as you could.

“I love you so much baby girl. I want to share all of me with you, and I want you to know that you can share yourself with another. I want you to be happy and satisfied in ways that I know I will never be able to give you. You are my queen, and I want you to be as happy as I can make you. I know that I can’t be the porn star in the sheets you deserve. I want to see you enjoying yourself. I want to watch as you cum over and over. I want to watch as a superior man does to you what I can only dream of achieving. Baby, I know it’s a strange thing for me to lay out for you like this, but I feel as though not telling you would be worse. I love you and would do anything, anything, for you. I just want you to know that…”

You could see her thinking things over, her face pursed in that expression she made while carefully considering things over. It was just one of those little quirks of hers you’d grown to enjoy, even if it tortured you at this very moment.

You’d just confessed to her one of your deepest and darkest desires, one you knew wasn’t understood by the average person and would never be. You’d just revealed to the woman you loved something you thought you could never share with anyone. It left you feeling like you were simultaneously at the top of Heaven and in the deepest pit of Hell.

“You want me to get fucked by someone else while you watch? That’s a pretty weird thing to confess out of the blue… Is it because you’ve been having such difficulty in making me orgasm?”

You’re slightly embarrassed by her question but you were prepared for this. You knew she was going to ask you all kinds of questions along those lines. You take a deep breath before answering her.

“Well, yes and no. Being cuckolded is something I’ve fantasized about for a very long time now. It was something I kept to myself out of embarrassment even though I’ve been wanting to tell you about it for months now, I just couldn’t bring myself to. The fact that I have trouble pleasing you sexually only cemented my desire to tell you about it. Like I’ve already said to you, baby, I want you to be as happy as you can be. I don’t want to an obstacle to your satisfaction, I want to help you. If I can’t make you cum, then let’s find a man who can make you feel like the woman I see you as. Making you happy will make me happy, so think about it and say yes. Make us both happy.”

She looked at you with those big eyes of hers, her face solemn as she was deep in thought. What was going on in her head, you could only guess at. Her lips pursed and her eyes stared around the room absently, seeing things only she could see. You knew you’d have to wait for an answer but the feeling of dread that was mounting in you was something you hadn’t expected.

Finally, she left the world of contemplation she’d been visiting and returned to this world. She looked at you, the expression on her face indiscernible to you. When she finally spoke up, you felt weaker than you could’ve ever thought possible:

“Look, you put a lot on my plate all at once, too much for me to process and give you an answer tonight. How about we just finish our movie and you let me sleep on it. I should probably also talk to my friends and get their take. I’ll have an answer for you tomorrow night. That sound good?”

You were slightly disappointed but at the same time, recomforted. She hadn’t accepted your proposal but neither had she declined. There was still a chance she might say yes.

“Of course baby, anything you want. I love you so much, I just want you to know that. Take all the time you need to come up with an answer. No matter what you say, I’m happy to be at your side. Let’s finish the movie.”


Breakfast felt awkward to you. Your girl seemed distant to you, though you supposed that was to be expected. Her smiles seemed a little forced and her hugs just a little less tight than you were used to. You begin to worry that confessing your fantasy to her might not have been such a good idea, that you might have made a mistake and forever ruined how she’d look at you.

At work, time seemed to move at a snail’s pace. You were unable to be as productive as your usual self, you just were simply too worried to be able to go through spreadsheets and double-check numbers. Not even lunchtime with your work mates was enough to distract you.

When your clock finally announced the end of your shift, you found yourself wishing your work day would never end. Your commute home was more stressful than it ever had been, your whole body was a bundle of nerves, tight, repressed and contorted. Putting in the key to your apartment felt like a titanic effort, opening the door seemed like an impossible task.

After somehow managing to open the door, you were surprised to see your girlfriend all over another man, wearing your favorite lingerie. He was taller than you, slimmer, and much more handsome. When they noticed you, you couldn’t help but notice the smile on her lips, and the smug grin on His.

“Hello, darling. This is my friend, Connor. As you can probably guess at this point, I’ve come to accept your little fantasy. We’ve been talking here, waiting for you to finally show up. I hope you’re ready because He’s been teasing me ever since we started talking this afternoon and now I want a man, a real man, to make me feel like a woman in ways you could never. Now go sit down in that recliner over there, and enjoy the show.”

You gulped and complied, unable to do much else. A smile began to creep onto your face and you could feel yourself stiffen up. Tonight was going to be a good night.

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