Fantasy #12: Collared Up

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one…

While you sat on your knees, He walked up to you and it made you shudder. This was not the first session and you should’ve become used to His terrible presence by now, yet you simply couldn’t help yourself. You’d been in much more precarious situations before but there was something about Him that always conjured up some primal fear in the back of your mind…

He walked to you and circled around you, the sound of His shoes thunderous in the silent room. When He finally spoke, His voice reverberated deep within you, as though He were much more than a mere mortal, and He was, for you worshiped Him as a God.

“It’s quite nice that you’ve finally learned how to present yourself to Me. Now, where is My tribute, you silly boy?”

He was half your age, twice as handsome as you, a head taller (and a head smarter) all of which added up to make you feel like the silly boy He was calling you. And if given the choice, you’d have it no other way.

“It’s in my pocket, Sir. May I have permission to fetch it for you, Sir?” you answered, barely to contain your excitement.

“No, not quite yet. I wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten our little arrangement. Do you know how many times we’ve met up so far, my silly boy?”

You shook your head because truth be told, you wouldn’t be able to remember each session with your head spinning as it was.

“Well I know. Today marks the seventeenth time you’ve been under my foot. That’s a pretty big number, isn’t it. I must say, I never thought you’d hang on for this long, I was certain I would scare you away long before the tenth session. You’ve surprised Me with your resilience and desire to please. Today will be a special day for you. Today, I will be giving out something I believe you have earned. Today, I will be offering you a collar.”

As He finished speaking, he went behind you and returned with a wooden box in His big hands. He opened the maple box in front of you, revealing it’s precious contents before continuing to speak: “A collar is the ultimate symbol of ownership in BDSM. It is used by a master to show that He owns the sub. It is used by a sub to remind them that they are owned by their master. It’s something that cannot be handed out to everyone because it would lose all of its significance and power as a result. A collar must be earned and you have now earned yours.”

The wooden box contained three things: a black leather collar with a ring hanging from it, a stainless steel ring bearing his insignia, the tomoe, and a t-shirt also emblazoned with his logo.

“As you chose to serve Me, you must now also choose to be owned by Me. Subs have precious few choices and freedoms of their own and now is one of those moments where you may exercise that freedom. Should you choose to accept my offer, you will wear the leather collar whenever we meet in private. When you cannot wear my collar, you will wear the ring so that you know that you are always and forever MINE. The t-shirt is to be worn by you as a pajama top so that you may not even escape My bondage, even while you run off to the land of dreams. I will give you as much time as you require to make a decision; I know just how much I mess with your mind…”

Your cheeks were flushed crimson as you replied to this most grandiose of Masters: “Thank you, Sir, you are much too kind. I think I’m ready to give you an answer because I have been dreaming of this moment for what feels like centuries already. I want nothing more than to be all Yours, Sir. I am ready to wear Your collar, Sir. I am ready to become Yours.”

“Are you sure?” He asked you, a playful tone to his voice. “You can take as long as you want to think it over. I certainly don’t want you to make a hasty decision that you will come to regret later on. Are you absolutely sure, beyond any doubt, that this is what you want?”

You looked to the floor as you carefully considered his question. Trained as you were, you knew He was asking you to look deep within yourself to come to such an important decision, to that selfish part of your being you had been holding in check since beginning your service to Him. You searched within yourself, past your immediate feelings of gratification, past your long-held desire to be owned and past that part of you that cared not in the least for your well-being, to that sane part of you that still somehow existed.

After carefully thinking things over, you looked up into his dark eyes, ready to give an answer.

“Sir, I know what I want and I have thought it over as carefully as I can,” you said. “I want to be yours, Sir. Please make me the happiest sub in the whole wide world and collar me, Sir.”

“Well since you asked so very nicely…”

He retrieved the collar from the box and went behind you so that he could tie it around your neck.

“As I mentioned earlier, this collar must be worn whenever we see each other, be it in-person for a session or for a video chat. This object is the personification of our bond. To not wear it for Me would mean that you no longer wish to be Mine. Wear it now with pride. You have most certainly earned it.”

He returned to the box and fetched the ring. He held His left palm up so that you could place your small hand in His.

“This ring is to be worn whenever you cannot wear your collar. You must wear either the collar or the ring at all times. If you are to be Mine, you must be reminded of your place at all times. It will bring you peace when I can’t be there for you and it will bring you comfort should you ever feel alone in this world. If anyone asks about the tomoe, just say it’s a mindfulness symbol. That way, you won’t have to lie. You can also just tell them the truth. I will trust your judgment on that matter.”

He paused for a moment, looking you up and down, taking in the sight of his possession.

“How do you feel now that you’ve been made properly and utterly Mine?”

You smiled the biggest, stupidest grin you’d ever made in your life: “I am happy, Sir. Thank you so much. I will not disappoint you, I swear it on all that I can, Sir.”

“I’m glad that you’re happy, now let us begin our fun, shall we. I’m in the mood to take my tribute a little more forcefully than usual,” He said as the playful tone in his voice turned into something more… devilish.

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