Fantasy #14: Alpha and his Friends

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one…

Your psychology class this semester was a total bitch. You tried and tried to understand the material yet it seemed like a Herculean effort to understand just the basics, let alone all the more advanced material. You had begun to wonder how exactly you were going to be able to pass the class when a miracle came down from the sky in the form of a man.

He was tall where you were short, a slender man yet you could see in him the beginnings of bulging muscles where you were soft and ample of flesh. His smile could light up an entire room while yours could barely be noticed in an empty one. When He spoke up in class, His voice resounded throughout the room whereas you had to be asked to speak up. Your antithesis in all ways, He was someone you admired from afar until the day came and you found yourself seated next to Him.

That class was by far the least productive you’d ever attended simply due to the fact that you were incapable of concentrating on anything that was being said. Every time you looked down at your notepad to transcribe your teacher’s lesson, your eyes invariably caught sight of His forearms. When you looked up at the whiteboard, you saw His face and quivered. You would have kept your admiration at a distance if you’d not been possessed by some invigorating spirit, one that allowed you to ask Him a simple question at the end of class.

You asked Him: “Hey, I’m sorry to bother you but I don’t think I was able to keep up with everything the teacher said today. Would it be possible for me to buy your notes from you? It would help me a lot and you’d get a little something for your effort, say $15?”

He looked you up and down, as though you’d just emerged out of nowhere into His world, a grin slowly carving itself into His face. “I would be glad to help you buddy but I took pretty great notes today. Make it $45 and you have yourself a deal,” He answered slyly.

You knew you shouldn’t accept such a strong-arm tactic yet you accepted the deal, happy that you would be making this man, this God, happier and wealthier. You gave Him your email and He gave you His, and the two of you parted ways. You quickly went about to sending Him the money and you received His notes about twenty minutes later.

You didn’t know it then but it was the beginning of something… glorious.

“Hey Richie Rich, the boys and I are going out for a beer tonight, want to come with?”

You read His text and your heart skipped a few beats. It had been a couple of months since you first bought His notes, an occurrence that quickly became a recurrence. Your wallet was beginning to be a lot less ample that it once had been but your grades and understanding of psychology had never been so good. That you also made Him wickedly happy in the process had filled you with a great sense of accomplishment.

You used the notes and the acquisition of them as a way to gain a better level of rapport between the two of you just as He’d been using His notes as a way to milk you out of your money. An arrangement that you loved, for it had brought you more and more in touch with Him. He’d even started talking to you and you to Him, treating you more like a plaything than a friend.

But it was a start.

You snapped out of your reminiscing and answered back: “Sure, I’d love to! Where and when?”

He answered back with the details and followed up with “And don’t forget to bring your wallet.” You knew He was going to use you but you didn’t care. You liked being used by Him, even if it was so transparent. You went home and prepared for your first night out with the Alpha of your dreams.

The bar was fairly busy when you arrived though you had no trouble spotting your tall God in the crowd. He was with two of his friends, men who looked like he did: tall, bearded, sporty bodies in the midst of gains, each dressed simply and stylishly. One was a redhead with pale, freckled skin and the other was black of hair and olive of skin. You walked your short self up to the assembled giants and said hello meekly.

He turned to you with that smug grin of His that made you melt a bit and said: “Well hello Slowpoke, nice of you to join us. Boys, this is Richie. Like his nickname would suggest, he is quite slow but I’ve been helping him catch up. Richie, the ginger is called Luke and the exotic-looking one is named Daniel. Richie, you were so slow to join us we’re a full round ahead of you. Why don’t you catch up to us with a shot and buy the next round of beers?”

The tone in his voice indicated to you that the question was much more of an order, one that you were gladly going to follow.

“Sure” you answered and set off to the bar, a tingle going through your body indicating you were being taken advantage of and yet enjoying every last bit of it. You ordered three beers and a shot of vodka so that you could be on the same level of sobriety as they were.

Your return to the group brought out three big smiles.

“Are you always like this Richie? If so, I definitely would invite you back again,” laughed Daniel.

“Thanks man,” Luke said.

“Good boy, Richie” He said to you, His eyes alight with pleasure. “Now before we begin the next round, let’s allow Richie boy to catch up. Take your shot Richie Rich.”

You gulped the strong alcohol down, your face puckering at the overwhelming taste. You heard the group laughing and once you opened your eyes you realized you were the source of the laughter.

“Have you never taken a shot of hard liquor before?” asked Luke.

“I have but I’m not much of a drinker,” you answered while coughing.

“Now now boys, don’t shit on him too much. He did get us the next round. Now pick up your mugs and begin the chug. Salud salud & cheers!” He said while clinking glasses.

You chased the much more palatable beer and felt the alcohol beginning to do its thing.

“A free beer will always hit the spot, so tell my friends a bit about yourself. What do you like to do for fun?” He asked.

“I dunno, I play video games and watch Netflix I guess” you answered, embarrassed by the boring nature of your reply.

“Who doesn’t nowadays?” he replied mockingly. “I should call you Mr. Boring instead of Slowpoke. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

You thought for a bit before speaking, figuring out what an appropriate response would be: “Well I once drank a spiked drink at a party and ran outside naked for an hour before I could be calmed down.”

They all laughed at you again, sheer delight painting their faces in a most beautiful way.

“You ran around naked? That’s CRAZY,” howled Luke.

“See, I told you guys that Richie was going to be fun,” He laughed. “But tell Me, who would want to spike your drink?”

“It wasn’t my drink. It was this girl’s drink which she gave to me when she decided she’d had enough for the night,” you said in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

“OH MY GOD, HE GOT ROOFIED!” He hollered before collecting Himself. “It’s terrible someone would want to roofie someone else, but even more so that you got roofied instead! I don’t know who’s worse, the guy who roofied the drink or We three assholes for laughing! Well look at that, everyone’s finished their round. Next one is on… Richie boy.”

“No, no, it’s my turn,” said Daniel, stepping up.

“No, no, I insist Richie Rich get it for us. He doesn’t mind, now do you Richie?” He asked, his voice full of power.

You looked down, cheeks flushed with more than just mere alcohol: “It would be my pleasure, Sir.”

“Did he just call you Sir?” you heard Luke ask as you got up and returned to the bar to fetch a new round.

You felt a little embarrassed you’d gone that extra step of calling Him sir, and yet, it felt so appropriate. You felt as though you’d finally found the right place to be and you had. Calling him Sir like that had brought you a sense a pleasure that you’d not felt in quite some time. You were beginning to worry that you were going to have start dipping into your savings to properly afford this night out. Somehow, that thought didn’t bother you so much as excited you deeply and thoroughly. You looked down to your pants and thanked the stars you’d chosen some heavy jeans.

Once you got the next round of drinks and made your way back you overhead Him speaking up again: “… so you see, Richie is the kind of boy who will do whatever it is I ask of him.” He paused when He saw you. “Speak of the devil, there he is with our drinks. What a good boy! Cheers you punks!”

After downing the initial sip of beer, Luke turned to you and asked: “Are you really a submissive? He’s been going on and on about how you were some kind of sexual deviant and how He can sniff that shit out like a bloodhound? Well, is it true?”

You immediately looked down to the floor, a sight you were becoming increasingly familiar with as the evening went on.

“Yes” you mumbled softly.

“Speak up Richie boy. The man asked you a question,” He ordered before coming in close to your ear and whispering: “When a man asks you a question, you will answer them or I will beat you later…”

The threat livened you up and you looked Luke straight in the eyes and said: “Yes, I am a submissive.” You turned to face Him and said even louder: “I am His submissive.”

He smiled that big obnoxious grin of His and said to the group: “Damn right you are! I’ve been selling you my notes at three times the price I’ve been selling them to anyone else. You’ve bought us all two rounds and you’re going to be buying us a third. If you forget your station, I’ll have you become the entire bar’s entertainment and run around the place naked like in your story.”

He paused to take a sip of his beer: “You’re my toy and tonight I feel like playing.”

“Yes Sir!” you exclaimed, happy you had found yourself such a devil.

“I can’t believe someone could be so… pathetic. How did you find him?” asked Daniel, his brow furrowed inquisitively.

“He approached Me during a psychology class. I knew immediately what he was. I took advantage of that knowledge and my guess was confirmed by how much Richie loved handing over his money for My notes. Why are you looking at Me, Richie boy? I don’t remember giving you permission to look upon my divine face,” He barked at you.

“You’re right Sir. Sorry Sir,” you said as you looked back down to the floor.

“I’m going to have to train you about how to act properly. First lesson: speak only when spoken to and look only when given the permission to look. Now go and fetch us a third round,” He ordered, the tone of his voice charged with electricity.

“But Sir… We haven’t finished this…” you tried to reply before being cut off.

“Did I fucking stutter? Your job is to obey Me. Now go and obey Me.” His voice resonated like thunder in your ears and his eyes struck you like lightning.

You got up and raced off to comply, scared of what you might have brought about within that fiendish man.

When you returned, He had calmed down and was having a laugh with his friends. They seemed a little tense as if not used to such a display from Him.

He turned to you and said: “I’ve been talking things over with Luke and Daniel and we’ve all come to the decision that we’ve been awfully selfish tonight. This last round is all for you. Now drink up Richie boy before they get warm.” He winked at you and smiled that powerfully charming smile of his.

You knew you would do anything He told you and now you knew He knew it too.

You began to gulp the first beer, wondering just what he was going to do to you once you were well and truly drunk…

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