Fantasy #18: Get in Line

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one…

You were in one hell of a rebellious mood, talking back, making snarky remarks, disobeying the rules your master had laid out for you. You weren’t even wearing the collar He’d expressly told you to be wearing when the two of you met for your sessions.

You had finally crossed the line and He wasn’t going to have anymore of your shit.

He looked at you with darkness in His eyes that you had rarely seen, the kind that instantly froze you and made you feel like a child about to be punished. He spoke with the stern, emotionless voice that let you know He wasn’t angry, only disappointed: “I see you’ve decided to disobey the few rules I had laid out for you. That is unacceptable. I had been hoping to have some fun with you today but instead, I will have to hand out some discipline…”

You should have known better but you really feeling rebellious today: “Pfft, what are you going to do?”

You saw a flash in His eyes, an emotion that you had never seen before and wanted to never see again. In His eyes, you saw rage.

“You kept running your mouth, so you will now have to earn the freedom to express yourself. Open your fat mouth, you degenerate,” He said, as He pulled a ball gag from His black leather bag, roughly shoving into your mouth without even a hint of caring about your enjoyment. He even tied it a notch tighter than it needed to be, the leather biting into your skin.

He slammed you against the wall, His hands reaching for yours and holding them together over your head. He pinned you in this way as He reached for His shackles and locked you in place. All you could do was moan and drool through the gag He’d put in. You felt more scared than you’d ever been with Him, a feeling that somehow left you more and more aroused as He continued his brutal treatment of you. His hard body pressed against yours, restraining you physically with both His physique and the demonic demeanor He’d suddenly adopted. To call it deliciously tempting was to say the least of it.

“You should have known better than to go pushing my buttons, but you are forgiven. The fault is mine and mine alone; I did not train you as properly as I had thought. I will not be making that mistake again,” he whispered in your ear. Even though He spoke softly, the sound thundered in your head. He went to the floor and used the shackles there to bind your feet, securing you in place and leaving you at His mercy. He backed away from you, enjoying the sight of the helpless creature that was now to play victim to His every whim.

“It seems as though I have been far too lenient with you. I have allowed you too much freedom, and that has allowed you to become this… brat. Today, you will learn the meaning of discipline and consequence. It is with a heavy heart that I must do this to you, for your own good,” He said as He stepped forward and pulled your pants down. Your cock stood out, defiant of gravity, engorged from the genuine terror you were feeling.

He slapped it. Hard.

“You aren’t allowed to enjoy yourself, not today, you brat.” He slapped it again, even harder, making you flop around as though there were some way of escaping this devil. The only sounds in the room were the chains jingling, you moaning through the gag, and the sound of his palm slamming against your cock. He went on and on, slapping it so much that it began to shrink and shrivel, all enjoyment gone from it.

“Finally, I was beginning to think you were much more of a masochist than you’d said you were. Now we can go on to real punishment.”

He went back to his bag, rummaged around for a bit before pulling a box out of it. You managed to read “Male Chastity Device” on the box through the tears that were now freely flowing out of your eyes. He pulled out a couple of pink plastic pieces and set about His work diligently. He set a plastic ring around the base of your now tiny cock before lubing up the plastic piece which would be enshrouding your manhood with his spit.

“I let you feel pleasure before you had truly suffered, something which has made you overlook the liberty I had entrusted you with. As such, you must now suffer, truly suffer, for me. And what better way is there for a man to suffer than to have his cock, his sexuality, his masculinity, restrained and bound? To lose all your sexual agency in this world? I can’t think of anything, so here we are.” He pushed the plastic piece in place over your soft cock, quickly setting plastic pegs in and securing it all with a metal lock. He stepped back to admire his work before saying: “Bratty cocks always do look better in pink, I must admit.”

He looked you dead in your eyes, making you quiver. A smile drew itself on His face as He stepped to you, His face stopping just beside your ear: “No longer can you just wank off. No longer can you stand while peeing. No longer can you feel aroused without feeling discomfort. You are changed, my slave well and truly for as long as I deem it necessary. Your dick will shrink and shrivel, even smaller than it was before. You can of course still cum, but it will only be through getting pounded by some man with a dick big enough to stimulate your prostate. I have the keys to your freedom here, in my hands. To obtain them, you will have to behave. You will have to get in line with what I want from you. Failure to do so will result in me throwing these keys away, leaving you forever in chastity. I will be giving you tasks to complete. I want video proof of everything I ask. Understood? Good boy…”

With that, He freed you from all your shackles except the pink one tightly bound around your cock. He undid your ball gag but you did not speak out of fear. You dressed up and left quickly, a broken mess.

Later that night, you received a text from Him: “You are to go to a sauna and work the glory hole there until you’ve made five cocks cum. Tonight.” Your cock stirred uncomfortably in it’s cage. It was time for you to prove yourself and earn back your freedom. It was time for you to please Him.

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