Fantasy #19: A Good Girl

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one…

She was on her knees, a black pleated skirt folded neatly over her black stockings, a white dress shirt struggling to keep itself from bursting wrapped around her chest and waist. She had long black hair that contrasted itself with her mildly tanned pale skin. Smart glasses rested on her nose, giving her a secretarial look. Lisa’s makeup was minimal and sophisticated, done by a practiced hand. She radiated prettiness and femininity, a perfectly delightful flower.

Towering above her, upright and gigantic from her position, He stood. He was in black slacks and black leather dress shoes, a white dress shirt tucked into His pants. He wore a black tie around His neck, secured by a stainless steel tie clip. His sleeves were rolled up to His elbows, exposing His toned forearms. His hair was short and combed to the side, His eyes dark and the smile on His face could only mean he was about to pluck this flower.

He spoke in a deep tone of voice, commanding her full attention: “For someone who says she’s never done this before, you seem awfully practiced on your knees. So calm and collected. All the better.” He petted her hair and started to caress her face, gently moving hair from her fair to behind her ear. He could feel her shiver either from the pleasure of His touch or out of fear of what was about to be done to her. “Usually I don’t like to go so far with a new sub but there’s something about you that’s different. I can tell I can trust you and for some reason, you trust me. Stand up now… That’s a good girl. Now, I will show you how I want you to present yourself to me for inspection.”

He moved to her side, put His hands on her and made her stick her butt and chest up. “The high heels naturally put you into this position but that doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate it further for me. I also want you to use your arms to squeeze your breasts together while holding your hands. Think you can do that for me?”

She replied obediently: “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl. Now let me complete my inspection.”

He returned to her front side and stared her in her eyes until she had to look away from the intensity, making Him laugh a little. He stared down her body, admiring it and the way she wore her clothes. He went to her side, looked at her posture and corrected it to his liking. He then went behind her and lifted her skirt up, squeezing her ass before spanking it. He pulled her back against Him, and wrapped her in His arms, before proceeding to lick her neck, using the tip of his tongue to stimulate her skin. She began to moan and melt in his arms so He stopped.

He returned in front of her, nodding his approval: “Very good, you have passed inspection. Now, for your reward…”

He grabbed her and pulled her close, wrapping himself around her and squeezing her firmly while shoving His tongue down her throat. His hands wandered all over her, squeezing a breast before playing with her ass, caressing a thigh before pulling her hair. Whenever He pulled her hair, He attacked her newly exposed neck, nibbling on it when not softly biting her ear. She fought back a little, not out of fright but out of pure instinct. She was wholly unsuccessful in her attempts, though she had now rustled Him further.

He grew more rough and vigorous, and she could now feel something hard rubbing against her. She was panting now as He continued His attack, fully enjoying the moment and becoming the victim of His total pleasure. He spun her around so that her ass was against his crouch. “Grind me,” He ordered her before resuming His offensive on her body and her neck, both hands now on her tits, squeezing them before moving them around.

One of His hands began to unbutton the top buttons of her shirt so subtly that she didn’t notice what was happening until he spun her around again to press his face in her chest. She felt the softly rough hairs of His beard and mustache pleasurably rubbing on her. She began to moan louder so He shoved a thumb in her mouth, forcing her to suck upon it in order to silence her. He was touching everything but her loins, the lack of attention causing her to feel ever more aroused until He finally grabbed her crouch under her skirt. He pulled her skirt up and shoved a hand under her black thong, filling her with two fingers while a third played with her clit.

The assault continued for some time when she found herself grasping His cock through his pants by pure instinct, loving every second of feeling his arousal for her. She soon approached climax as He continued to stimulate her with his fingers, and she began to breathe faster. He stopped kissing her for a moment to whisper in her ear: “I don’t remember giving you permission to cum yet, slut.”

Lisa winced through his continued playing, trying to delay her orgasm long enough to please Him: “P… Please, Sir… Allow me to cum…”

“Good girl. Now cum for me.”

She gave in and convulsed in pleasure, letting the warmth from her crouch spread through every last inch of her body. When she was done, the hand that been inside her moved to her mouth: “Now that you’ve had your fun, it’s time to clean up.”

She sucked on them without hesitation, savoring her own taste much more than she’d ever had thought she would. His hands continued to play around her body and she knew that He wasn’t done with her, not yet, not even close. It would soon be her turn to make him cum as hard as He had her, her pride would not allow her to fail in her duty to Him so she tried to relax a little and catch her breath.

He pulled her close to Him and asked: “Pretty good, huh? I can tell you enjoyed yourself… But now it’s time for me. Back on your knees, slut. I have something else for you to suck on.”

He undid his pants and pulled out His cock. It bounced up and down and she couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of it, the smell of it, before she licked up and down the shaft, making sure to work every inch, every vein.

“Very good, you’re an eager one aren’t you? So selfless now and willing to please me… I like that. Now stop for a moment and look me in the eyes. Put your arms behind your back. Good girl. Now open your mouth up wide… Yes, like that. Lean a little forward… Perfect.”

He took His cock in His hands and set it in her mouth before thrusting it into her throat. She gagged, tears coming to her eyes immediately, and pushed Him out by instinct.

“This is called facefucking,” He said. “I am going to use your mouth and throat to pleasure myself. When I am done, I will use your throat as my cum dumpster. This won’t be easy, particularly for someone who’s new at it, but I believe you have what it takes to become my new little cum dumpster, that you have the eagerness and the desire to please me that will make you an excellent little cock sucker. With training, of course. Do you think that I’m right about you?”

She nodded up and down, despite her tears: “Yes, Sir. I will do what it takes. I want to please you as you want to be pleased. “

“Let me hear you say it, let me you hear you ask to be facefucked…” He said, His voice now a low growl that made her even more turned on by all that was going on and being done with her.

“Please Sir, please fuck my face, ” she answered ready for whatever He had in store for her.

“That’s a good girl…”

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