Fantasy #22: Don’t Wander At Night

You were having a wonderful night out at the bar. Your friends had helped you celebrate your recent bonus, the alcohol had soaked into you, leaving you feeling like nothing could ever stop you. You were beginning to feel the bar’s packed environment getting to you so you excused yourself from your friends and went out to smoke a cigarette. Outside the bar, you took a breath of fresh air and held it deep for a moment. No matter how good of a time you could have, a cigarette always seemed to make things a little better.

The sidewalk next to the bar was crowded with small groups huddled around each other, sharing gossip as they shared tobacco and pot. You stumbled around them in search of a spot along the wall where you could lean while you smoked. You eventually found some free space in an alleyway.

Normally, the idea of an alley was more than enough to make you feel repulsed but your senses were more than lubricated at this point so you made the alley your kingdom. You leaned into a doorway and lit up, taking a deep initial pull of smoke before slowly releasing it out. You loved the taste of the smoke on your tongue and the way the nicotine went to your head. You watched the smoke drift up in the windless night air and tried to make sense out of the shapes.

You took another puff and realized you could hear the tobacco softly crackling right before it went up. You’d managed to get so far away from the others that you were basically alone. You laughed at some idea that could only be funny to someone who was drunk as you sucked in a third haul when you heard something in the dark, from behind you.

Curious, you went to investigate this molestation of your quiet kingdom. You heard it again and much better; it seemed to be some kind of scratching coming from beside a dumpster. You went further along into the dark before stopping. You had a cellphone, why not use it to light up your way?

Emboldened by the beams of your LED light, you slowly crept along the dumpster, wondering what was around the corner until you saw it’s beady little eyes staring up at you: a fat rat that quickly scurried along the wall until it ran into some hole you could not see. You sighed in relief, the trouble-maker had been caught and sent away, your kingdom now had it’s peace restored. You leaned against the wall, happy again, and closed your eyes for another puff of that delicious cigarette… Only to hear a glass bottle shattering some ways off.

This made you jump up; despite being drunk, you could clearly tell a rat couldn’t have shattered that bottle. Someone else was here, and you were going to give them a piece of your mind. You were emboldened enough to want to confront this back alley vandal and confront him you would as you stomped about the LED-lit concrete. Out of the black temporarily shone the vibrant colors of some grafitti before your light moved along and sent them back into the darkness of the night, revealing the backdoor of some business. You kicked pebbles and crushed what sounded like glass until you heard another bottle being smashed, this time much closer.

That asshole was close! You were going to let him know just how much of a jackass he was being, smashing glass bottles like that. Didn’t he know that you could recycle those bottles or that he could just give them to a homeless person so they could recycle them? That he was dirtying the environment so carelessly?!?


The bottle blew up in your light, the pieces going in a hundred different ways. You jumped back, frightened. This one had been deliberately thrown beside you. The fucker was making it personal, so you spoke up:

“Hey asshole, you nearly hit me with that bottle. What’s the matter with you, huh? Scared of me?? Why don’t you come out of the shadows and confront me like a man would you little coward.”

“Who’re you calling a little coward, little man?” a voice answered from the shadows, its bass reverberating in your head.

You began to feel like you’d made a big mistake, as though you were the intruder in some dark kingdom but your drunk mouth was acting against your best interest now: “Big tough guy, eh. Why don’t you come show me your big tough guy face so I could smash it? I bet my grandma’s tougher than you, pussy.”

You heard Him laugh in the dark behind and turned to see Him in your light. He was tall, so much taller than you that He had to look down at you. His face was shadowy and a trimmed beard covered the lower part of his face. He was dressed in black jeans and a black Henley shirt, his black sneakers trimmed with clean white, much better than you’d expect from a back-alley brigand. When he spoke up, your shoulders crumpled up, defeated: “The only pussy I see here is you. Do we have a problem here, pussyboy?”

He walked up to you and invaded your personal space, claiming complete dominance over you in the process. You were the little fish who had swum out way too far from shore and was now with a shark. You gulped and looked to the floor, praying silently that whatever was going to happen would happen quickly and painlessly.

You realized you had to say something so you tried: “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean anything that I said. I just drank too much and lost my way, Sir. I’ll leave you alone and be on my way, Sir.”

You tried turning around and leaving but he was before you again: “Not quite so fast, pussyboy. Since you’ve got such a big fucking mouth, I think it best it be put to use. There’s something about how quickly you gave in that’s got me excited and bothered so you’re going to attend to my needs as way of apologizing for all those mean things you said to me. Now on your knees.”

He pushed you to the floor firmly and put your head in front of his pants as he unzipped, pulling out something that was big and white in the light of your cellphone.

“Open your mouth now and make me happy.”

You complied and took Him in your mouth. He began to bob forwards and backwards, careful to use your tongue to stimulate his shaft and head. You continued for a bit before He pulled out completely and smacked your face with His meat.

“Well, well, look at who’s the good little cocksucker. Now let’s see if your throat is good. Open wide and brace yourself…”

He thrust into your mouth with such vigor it made you choke but you fought it as best you could. He went in and out, fucking your mouth with an intensity you had never experienced before. He was using you like a sex toy, completely uncaring about your comfort and enjoyment. This was about Him and Him alone. You were so horny it was insane; you had never enjoyed being used this much before. You were a drooling mess, worshiping the cock of a man who’d conquered you. He kept going at it until you were chocking and gagging, removed Himself so that you could breathe a bit as he slapped you some with more, only to restart face fucking you.

In other words, you were happy.

When He finally came you made it your mission to not waste a single drop of his cum. Men like Him were rare and to waste any of his seed seemed like a crime against nature. He let you clean off His cock , which was very kind of Him you thought to yourself.

“Hand me your wallet, cocksucker. Don’t look at me like that, you know just how easily I could take it from you. $300 cash? I’ll be taking that as well, you can call it a tip for me not beating you, just your throat. Now scram, I’ve had enough of your little loser stink.”

You returned inside the bar, the taste of cum still on your tongue. As you sat down, all you could think about was how you could really use another cigarette right now…

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