The Guest Part 2

This is part 2 of The Guest. To read part 1, click here.

I was a little out of my element: I didn’t know anyone here.


I couldn’t just rush in and hope to fumble my way into successfully collaring someone in just one evening. I would need to be at my most charming and devilish, at the perfect mixture of charisma and danger that could intoxicate even the most controlled and reserved of people. I would also need a drink.

I looked around the large main room seriously for the first time, taking note of it’s layout: behind me was the security office, in front of me couches, sex swings, torture racks and most of the party. To my right was the hallway through which I had entered, the one lined with private rooms. To my left were two rooms that seemed to be for the costumes and sexual paraphernalia that had been hinted at, and, in front of me, the far wall was without doors. I couldn’t see any bar or kitchen yet I could clearly see food being eaten from plates, drinks being sipped in glasses.

Figuring that this wasn’t a self-serve type of place, I would need to place my order. I casually made my way to the closest naked I saw and addressed the old decrepit man, looking him dead in the eyes: “I’m thirsty. Go and get me a drink: mix crushed ginger, fresh lemon juice,vodka and seltzer, then filter out the ginger. Serve it over ice.”

The petulant shit of an old man looked up at me, grinned feverishly and yelled out: “NO!”

I had not expected such defiance from him. He’d been sitting on the floor, sprawled out every which way as though he’d lost any control over his limbs. I had also not expected such a loud retort from the bastard and neither had the rest of the party who had now stopped to watch how things would play out.

Feeling the pressure mounting, I realized that this was a test. A shit test, one from a sub who knew exactly what he was doing by challenging the newcomer so overtly. It seemed that I would not have all night to prove myself to this group of strangers, I would have to do it now or never.

So be it.

I stepped right up to the old fat man, right up to his personal space and then stepped even closer. From where he was, he now had to look past my groin to look me in the eye. I could see him tensing up, I don’t think he’d expecting me to call his bluff so easily. I pulled off my jacket and threw it at another sub then rolled my shirt sleeves up past my elbows, drawing the moment on. I stared at him until he lost the staring contest and was forced to stare at the ground, then stared some more before finally speaking: “Go and make me my drink. Or else.”

I wasn’t as successful in my attempt to intimidate as I had hoped because the old man then answered while looking at my feet: “Or else what?”

He had barely finished when I smacked the man in the face with a little more strength than I had anticipated, sending him to the floor. I heard a gasp from the party but didn’t bother looking up: if I didn’t conquer this bitch of an old man right now, I would probably end up being throw-out of the party. I had hit him knowing he might have been some member of the government, some general, some CEO. I didn’t care though, the bitch had deserved it.

Fortunately for me, my show of force had paid off. The old man got on his knees and said in a defeated voice mixed with something bordering on happiness: “Yes Sir, I will go and make your drink at once.”

He tried to get up but I put my hand on his shoulder and made him look me in the eyes: “Since you fucked up once already, I want to make sure you don’t screw up my drink. How will you make my drink?”

“I will mix crushed ginger, lemon juice, seltzer water, and vodka, Sir. I will then filter out the ginger before serving it to you over ice. I will be sure you love the drink, Sir,” he answered, something of a smile slowly drawing itself on his face.

I smiled back and said: “Go, and hurry. You made me thirstier after that mess of yours.”

I unrolled my sleeves and carefully re-buttoned them, straightening out any crease that I had just made. I went over to the sub who had caught my jacket, allowed them to put it on me before thanking them for their help. I straightened out everything to my liking just as the old man returned with my drink. I took a sip and let the liquid sit in my mouth for a bit as I savored the medley of ginger and lemon.

“Very good. It tastes wonderful.” I then poured out all the contents of the glass over his head. “It seems I spilled my drink. Go and fetch me another.”

In his face, I saw fear and excitement, dread and lust, subservience and inferiority.

“Yes Sir. Anything you want, Sir. And thank you Sir, it’s so good to see you.”

“Anything I want? I’ll be sure to remember that.”

I was pretty sure I could claim him then and there, but why bother? The man, apart from his bar-tending ability, was horribly disgusting to me. He might have a whole host of redeemable qualities to him, he was probably even the one who had invited me but I would not spend the time learning about him tonight, I had conquering to do.

I took a look around the room, saw a group of dominants at the center and began walking to it. As I approached, a domme with a bubbly personality greeted me: “You’re crazy! I’ve never seen a first-timer pull off something like that! Did you even recognize him? No, of course you didn’t; if you did you never would have hit him in the first place! Or maybe that’s why you hit him? Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. They call me the Vixen, what do we call you?”

Remembering the codename I had been asked to use, I answered: “I am the Patriarch. It’s a pleasure to meet you, the Vixen.”

“Ooh, the Patriarch. It fits you perfectly. I can see the daddy in you even though you’re so young! Now let me introduce you: to my left is the very suave Gentleman. The very bitchy domme next to the Gentleman is the Lady, next to her is the eternally edgy Widowmaker. And finally, that bodybuilder of a man next to you is the Titan.”

I nodded to each in turn and they nodded back. We made some small talk for a moment but I got bored with the conversation as it had turned to gossip about past attendees. I excused myself and stepped out of the circle. Just as I had begun to feel thirsty and wonder about my drink, the old man appeared and handed me a glass. I took a sip and thanked him before sending him off again.

I looked around the room and saw three nakeds on the floor, two men and a woman. They were in their twenties and each had a beautiful body that reminded me of greek sculptures. They were so beautiful I couldn’t help myself but walk over. I sat down on a leather recliner next to them and addressed them: “Well if you three aren’t just delectable. What are you all doing here, all alone and so bored looking? That is unacceptable, the three of you should be enjoying yourselves!”

“It’s our first time at such a party,” replied the smaller of the men. “We don’t really know anyone else here so we’ve just been here the whole time.”

“Well that’s a crying shame. I am called the Patriarch but you shall call me Sir. You say you know each other? Well it’s time you all knew each other even more… intimately.You there, Big Boy, start kissing him. If I didn’t know better I’d say the two of you have never kissed another man before. Come on, put some feeling into it! Yes, yes like that! You girl, see how they’re getting all horny from their kissing? Well don’t just sit there, put yourself to use and service them! Suck one off while playing with the other, that’s a good girl!”

I sat back and enjoyed the view: two apprehensive male models kissing ever more passionately as the girl hungrily set about pleasing them. The two men started to fully let go and to enjoy themselves entirely. They started touching each other more fervently, grabbing and squeezing every inch of each other.

“Good… and now all three of you stop. You there, small boy, get on all fours. You, Big Boy, stand in front of him and let him suck your cock. Prepare that cock, Faggot Boy, it’s about to get in much more than your mouth. Girl, you’re going to rim and finger his delicate little ass and get it ready for the big boy. Faggot Boy, you suck on that cock like you were born to it, you little faggot! Girl, you eat that ass so well I might just invite you to eat mine for the fuck of it.”

The three of them continued in their play, each one obediently doing what they’d been told. They were my toys and I was getting to play with them as I liked. I got a naked watching us and ordered him to fetch me condoms and lube. I watched again and threw in the odd word of encouragement here, ordered something stimulated there. When something wasn’t to my liking, I made sure to correct it with a vigorous hands-on approach.

When the naked finally returned, I spoke up again: “Faggot Boy, you look good and ready. Put this condom on Big Boy. No, not with your hands silly. With your mouth. Put the condom in your mouth, then force it around his big cock. There you go, that’s a good boy! Now lube yourself up nice and slippery for him. Girl, come sit by my feet. You’re going to watch as Big Boy fucks the faggot and clean up when they’re done. Now, go fuck him, Big Boy.”

Big Boy went around the bent-over sub and slid the head of his cock before slowly working the rest in, retreating when he felt Faggot Boy tightening up.

“Did I tell you to make love to the faggot? I told you to fuck him so FUCK HIM! Use that little bitch for your pleasure!”

Encouraged by my words, he started to pound the bottom, his thighs slapping against the small boy’s bubble butt. He started slapping the boy’s ass and grabbed for his nipples, twisting them. Any apprehension he had was quickly leaving so Big Boy was now perfectly happy fucking this slutty faggot.

I put my hand on the girl’s head and played with her hair as I watched them fuck. The sight of their fucking was so splendid we had started to gather a crowd. I wanted to make sure the crowd got a full show so I stood up and whispered to Big Boy to pull out, remove his condom, and cum all over the faggot’s back and ass. He promptly complied and showered his huge load all over Faggot Boy, grunting as he tried to catch his breath.

I went to the girl and whispered in her ear: “Showtime.”

She got up and cleaned Big Boy’s cock of every last drop before licking Faggot Boy’s back and ass clean. When she finished, the three of them collapsed together and cuddled at my order. I sat next to their heads and told them of how well they had done, of how well they had obeyed. As I caressed each one of them, I asked of the three the ultimate question. I asked of them if they would have the honor of serving me.

And they all answered in turn “Yes.”

As I smiled, Vixen approached me and whispered in my ear: “Congratulations on bagging those three, Partriach. You’ve been quite productive and the right people have noticed. If you would follow me, they have a very interesting offer for you.”

Continued next week in Part 3

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