The Guest Part 3

This is part 3 of the Guest. Click here for part 1 or for part 2.

I was led by the Vixen back into the security office, past the smiling head of security to a stairwell of concrete and steel that led downstairs. I followed her down, all the while wondering what further lay in store for me at this party. We went down one floor and then entered into a short corridor. At it’s end stood two more security guards standing at attention next to a door. They whispered into their earpieces when they saw us and once they received an order that only they could hear, they opened the door.

“This is as far as I go. They’re waiting for you inside,” said the Vixen before turning back to the stairs. Curiosity getting the better of me, I stepped inside.

I entered a large room that had a wooden office table with two comfortable-looking chairs set in front of it. A metal library hugged the wall behind the desk, each one of it’s six shelves was crammed full with books. To the right of the library was another door, set in the wall. A man in his late forties sat behind the desk, dressed in a black suit while another slightly younger man, also dressed in a black suit, stood next to him, hands in firmly in his pockets.

The man behind the desk stood up as he spoke, one hand outstretched to grab and shake mine: “Greetings young Patriarch, I’m sorry to have pulled you from the festivities but I know you’ll forgive us in due time. I am the Marquis and this here next to me is the Patron. Before we begin, we must wait for one last person. Oh, and there he is now!”

The door next to the library swung open and the old man I had made my drink bitch entered, a red cloth bathrobe covering his naked body.

“I think you’ve met but haven’t been properly introduced yet,” said the Marquis. “This man is the Pig. Together with him, we are the hosts and sponsors of the party. We are the ones who paid for you to attend and we are the ones who paid for this whole building to be remade into a palace of perversion. We created these evenings for one simple goal: to indulge in all and any manner of carnal pleasure that can’t be readily indulged anywhere else. As the years passed and our tastes evolved, these parties served a new purpose: to discover others who might share our more… refined tastes. Tastes that go beyond even what goes on here. Tastes that can only be indulged by those with the assets to secure them. And to indulge in those tastes, in places free from the judging gazes of the “

The Pig continued for the Marquis: “What my friend here is trying to say here is that we see potential in you, Sir. We already know that you are a magnificent addition to these parties and we feel you would flourish even more at our more private events. Unfortunately, we cannot go into any more details until you’ve signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We have secrets and reputations to protect, I’m sure you understand.”

As the Pig talked, the manager retrieved what looked like a contract and set it upon the table with a pen, pushing them in front of me to emphasize what the Pig was saying.

I looked up from the contract and looked at the three men in turn: “And what do I get out of this? More money?”

The Patron answered me coldly, a hint of a French accent behind his voice: “Yes, you would be paid quite a larger sum than what you received to attend this evening’s party. We take care of those we like, and we like you. Sign on the dotted line, speak of this to no one, and you will never have to worry a day in your life. And of course, you are perfectly allowed to refuse. We only want the willing, after all.”

I was a little taken aback. Nothing comes free in this world, so there was a catch, some cost that I would have to pay even if they were keeping it hidden for now. They had not specified what would be required of me, of what their “tastes” were. All I knew was that these wealthy perverts wanted me, and for the time that gave me leverage.

I took the pen and scribbled “100,000,000 US” on a piece of paper. I had read that in bargaining, it is often best to start off with something crazy so that your second, real offer seems so much rational and acceptable by comparison. I slid it over to the Patron and said: “That’s how much I want to sign this NDA and attend your private event.”

The Patron took one look at the paper, chuckled, and said: “That’s more than reasonable. So we have a deal?”

The answer took me literally off-guard. I bluffed and it was called. I unfortunately had little choice but to proceed because what good is a man if his word isn’t good?

“We do,” I answered grimly before I signed the agreement, disappointed I hadn’t asked for more given how easily he’d accepted. “So, what now?”

“That’s it for tonight. You will receive more information from us tomorrow, after you’ve recovered from the festivities. Speak of this to no one until then. Now back to the party with you,” spoke the Marquis, with his voice filled with an almost whimsical sense of joy. “And don’t party too hard.”

I was back in the main room, Big Boy and Faggot Boy rubbing up on each other at my command while the girl, whom I had simply decided to nickname Girl Toy, lay at my feet, sucking on my toes. The music rang hollow in my ear as I attempted to be present in the moment but I couldn’t really enjoy myself. There was something not quite right with the offer I had agreed to. Actually there were many things not quite right: a lack of details, the haste with which I’d been invited, the willingness to pay my ludicrous price. I felt like I was being led into a trap and that I had made a truly foolish mistake.

I needed a drink to forget the whole ordeal, at least for now. I had still been hired for my appearance tonight and I had a reputation to uphold, after all. What good is a performer without their performance?

As the drinks were swallowed, I loosened up. I calmed down some more after puffing from a passed joint, but I finally felt right again once I stood up and bent Big Boy, Faggot Boy, and Girl Toy over. I forgot about my worries as I slammed my leather belt across their asses and heard them yelp in pain and pleasure. I thought only of the moment as I had all three of them compete to see who could fit the most of my cock down their throat. I forgot myself in their flesh, in their yelps, in their moans of pleasure.

I had lost all concept of time as the lights in the hall were turned up and a security guard came over to inform us that the party would be ending shortly. We could move to one of the private rooms but I could tell from the way my three subs were shaking that they were sore and tired. I thanked the security guard and sent him away before turning to my three beautiful creatures and speaking:

“It seems our time together has come to an end and that saddens me. You were all such wonderful playthings, so willing to please and obey, to explore and indulge. I wish we could continue this, that this wasn’t goodbye. However, I understand you all have lives and affairs to return to, that this event was for you just a simple visit to a world of carnal pleasure. I will remember you all as I know you will all remember me.”

I walked away before any could respond. As much as I hate to admit it, I would miss those three sluts. Despite knowing nothing about them as individuals, I knew I would have trouble finding others with whom sexual compatibility arrived so quickly and completely.

As I stepped outside and onto the street, an idled taxi’s door was opened for me by one of the security guards. I took one last look at the building, the warm memories of the pleasures experienced inside carving a smile on my face before the cold reminder of the deal hit me. I sat down and the door was closed. The cab driver asked me where he should drive to and I gave him my address.

The party might have ended but the fun was only just beginning, although just who’s fun it was I would soon find out…

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