Fantasy #23: Master And His Submissive

She stands still in the light, naked, her long hair struggling to cover her nipples. Her skin tingles with goosebumps in the room’s cold air yet she remains steadfast, as was commanded to her. She waits there for His next order.

He walks beyond her reach, thumbs in the pockets of His slim black jeans. He removes His white t-shirt because He’s hot with the anticipation of what is to come next. He paces around her, letting the loud clack of His shoes break the silence. He is patient because He knows that in this case, time is more torturous than pain ever could be.

He knows her weaknesses, and uses this knowledge for His pleasure. He approaches her from behind, blows His hot breath into her ear before stepping back and allowing her to melt. He circles her again before stopping in front of her and running his warm fingers lightly over her nipples before twisting them, just as lightly. She whimpers and moans softly; He laughs with sadistic enjoyment.

She moves to raise her hands but He is quicker, grabbing her wrists: “Hands at your side or I’ll drag things on even more.” She gives in and moves them again to her side. She has started to tremble, whether from fear, anticipation, stimulation or just the cold.

He continues his wolfish circling, waiting for the moment to finally strike after all this teasing. She falters for a moment, shuffling her feet into a more comfortable position but He does not miss and attacks her from the rear, wrapping her tightly in His arms as He nibbles her ear.

She writhes and squirms, as if to fight Him off but He’s too strong and just wraps her tighter in His arms. When she begins to give in, His hands start wandering over her body, claiming every inch of her as His property, as His possession.

“You are mine, my puppet, my toy. You belong to me,” He growls in her ear.

“I am all yours and only yours,” she moans back.

He bends her upper body forward at an angle and forces her arms behind her back, securing them with there with one hand while the other grabs her ass and squeezes it.

“You. Are. MY. Fuck. Toy.” He slaps her ass with each word to emphasize the message.

He brings her body back against His, his hands now moving up to twist her nipples and she begins to squirm – no, rub – her ass over His crotch. His breathing speeds up in Her ear until it is replaced with the sound of Him biting and kissing at her neck. Her eyes roll back and her mind is empty of all thoughts but this animal ravaging her as time fades away.

He stops His attack and orders her up to her knees. She complies happily, eager to satisfy Him after all of His torture. He unzips His jeans and pulls them and His boxers down, letting His hard cock out.

Like a perfect little expert, she doesn’t wait to be told what to do because she knows what must be done. She grabs hold of His cock and kisses the tip, licks the shaft, before spitting on it. She works her hands over it once, twice, three times before rubbing it on her smiling lips as she stares into His hungry eyes.

This is her moment of revenge, the only time she has the opportunity and power to tease Him as He teased her. She knows how much He enjoys her competitive side, that side of her personality she rarely likes to acknowledge. She knows how to savor the moment and take her time, to work every last part of his cock, to use her tongue the way he likes as she gags upon His cock. She bobs her head back and some spit runs down her chin. She catches it before it falls to the floor and adds it to the wet mess that is his hard cock. She smiles up at Him after catching her breath to let Him know she is enjoying herself.

It is that smile, that perverted, dirty smirk of hers that sends him over the moon. He pulls back out of her mouth and lifts her to her feet, pulls her in tight and smothers her mouth with His. Their tongues dance a tango as their hands race over each other. After a minute, He turns her around and bends her over, entering into her wet cunt with a grunt of pleasure. He keeps her hands behind her back with one hand and pulls her hair back in a ponytail with the other, creating the perfect leverage with which to pump into her.

As the sweat begins to bead on His head, He stops to push her onto the floor and He crumples down on top of her, staring into her eyes as He enters into her again and again. Feeling Himself tingle, He pulls out and uses His cock to smack her pussy until the feeling subsides. He could cum at anytime, but not before He makes her feel like His woman. He then inserts himself in slowly before pulling out just as slowly, teasing her with every inch of Himself until she pulls Him all in, hands clasping his firm ass.

Her breathing accelerates and she holds him tighter, closer, as though she couldn’t stand being empty, not now, not now when she is so close…

He notices her and keeps his pace, increasing the intensity of each thrust, giving Himself up to the moment, giving Himself up to the pleasure of their intertwined bodies. Her legs start to quiver, He grunts like an animal, and together they cum.

Together, they catch their breath as they huddle together, their burning bodies raging against the cold air of the room. He says something and she laughs, laying her head on his chest, following it as it rises and falls. She whispers something back to him and she does not see His smile but somehow can hear it in the way He breathes.

They both know the moment can’t last forever but that doesn’t matter because for now, they are whole.

For now, they are master and submissive, and that is all that matters.

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