Fantasy #4 Part 2: Overwhelmed

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here's one. Confused? Start at Part 1.   Overwhelmed The pen scratched silently on the paper as you signed on the dotted line, the sound of your new life beginning. It's funny that a few a strokes of a pen are enough to sign your entire life over. … Continue reading Fantasy #4 Part 2: Overwhelmed


Fantasy #4 Part 1: Legally Bound

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here's one. Legally Bound Part 1   You were just so excited to finally meet him.   You'd found the perfect young Master to serve, and how handsome He was! He was gorgeous with all his best years still some ways off. He was a man on the … Continue reading Fantasy #4 Part 1: Legally Bound

To Be Or Not To Struggle

**The terms West & Westerner will be used here to describe Western Civilization of the 21st Century (Canada, England, Germany, USA, Australia, etc.) WHY? Why is it that the average Westerner is more depressed and more likely to commit suicide than the average Sub-Saharan? Why is that no Native Americans ran from their tribes to … Continue reading To Be Or Not To Struggle