Fantasy #19: A Good Girl

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here’s one… She was on her knees, a black pleated skirt folded neatly over her black stockings, a white dress shirt struggling to keep itself from bursting wrapped around her chest and waist. She had long black hair that contrasted itself with her mildly tanned pale skin. Smart … Continue reading Fantasy #19: A Good Girl


If you’ve been a fan of mine for some time, you’ve seen this symbol because I’ve adopted it for my logo.   It’s called a tomoe (pronounced do-moe) or Hidari-mitsudomoe for those semantics freaks among you. It’s a Taoist symbol of the Japanese god of war, Hachiman. It represents the balance of three elements: man, earth, … Continue reading My logo EXPLAINED

10 Tips on How to Approach Me

Life is hard for submissives, especially for finsubs. You're weaker-willed and more agreeable on average, which adds up to make it a lot more difficult for a sub to properly approach and get the attention of a Dominant. Today, I want to help you guys out with some general advice on how to approach Me … Continue reading 10 Tips on How to Approach Me

Nice Guys or Why You Shouldn’t Be One

My story I was a very angry and violent child. I got so many detentions for fighting, not doing homework or papers, for talking back that my parents would celebrate when I didn't get into trouble. There came a point that my own patriarch had had enough. He said to me "If you don't calm … Continue reading Nice Guys or Why You Shouldn’t Be One