Fantasy #23: Master And His Submissive

She stands still in the light, naked, her long hair struggling to cover her nipples. Her skin tingles with goosebumps in the room's cold air yet she remains steadfast, as was commanded to her. She waits there for His next order. He walks beyond her reach, thumbs in the pockets of His slim black jeans. … Continue reading Fantasy #23: Master And His Submissive

Fantasy #19: A Good Girl

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here’s one… She was on her knees, a black pleated skirt folded neatly over her black stockings, a white dress shirt struggling to keep itself from bursting wrapped around her chest and waist. She had long black hair that contrasted itself with her mildly tanned pale skin. Smart … Continue reading Fantasy #19: A Good Girl


If you’ve been a fan of mine for some time, you’ve seen this symbol because I’ve adopted it for my logo.   It’s called a tomoe (pronounced do-moe) or Hidari-mitsudomoe for those semantics freaks among you. It’s a Taoist symbol of the Japanese god of war, Hachiman. It represents the balance of three elements: man, earth, … Continue reading My logo EXPLAINED

10 Tips on How to Approach Me

Life is hard for submissives, especially for finsubs. You're weaker-willed and more agreeable on average, which adds up to make it a lot more difficult for a sub to properly approach and get the attention of a Dominant. Today, I want to help you guys out with some general advice on how to approach Me … Continue reading 10 Tips on How to Approach Me