Fantasy #19: A Good Girl

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here’s one… She was on her knees, a black pleated skirt folded neatly over her black stockings, a white dress shirt struggling to keep itself from bursting wrapped around her chest and waist. She had long black hair that contrasted itself with her mildly tanned pale skin. Smart … Continue reading Fantasy #19: A Good Girl

Fantasy #13: Laboratory Mistakes

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here's one... The project had been going well. We had been contracted by the UN for an extremely noble goal: find a way to make more food. The project leader, Mike, had been passionately pursuing a radical approach. Instead of bio-engineering the plants to produce more or even … Continue reading Fantasy #13: Laboratory Mistakes

The Fetishist’s Paradox EXPLAINED

Today I would like to explain an idea I came up with, the Fetishist's Paradox. Now I can't claim total credit for this idea of mine, I was very much inspired by this tweet from the lovely @TheOnlyTheodora: So what is the fetishist's paradox exactly? The fetishist's paradox is the idea that there will be … Continue reading The Fetishist’s Paradox EXPLAINED


If you’ve been a fan of mine for some time, you’ve seen this symbol because I’ve adopted it for my logo.   It’s called a tomoe (pronounced do-moe) or Hidari-mitsudomoe for those semantics freaks among you. It’s a Taoist symbol of the Japanese god of war, Hachiman. It represents the balance of three elements: man, earth, … Continue reading My logo EXPLAINED

Macrophilia: A fetish I was made for.

I've long said of fetishes and kinks: "if you can imagine it, someone has already gotten off to it".   I found out about macrophilia (sometimes called a giant fetish) much in the same way I imagine a lot of people discover new fetishes: browsing the internet.   I saw a picture a Domme posted … Continue reading Macrophilia: A fetish I was made for.