Macrophilia: A fetish I was made for.

I've long said of fetishes and kinks: "if you can imagine it, someone has already gotten off to it".   I found out about macrophilia (sometimes called a giant fetish) much in the same way I imagine a lot of people discover new fetishes: browsing the internet.   I saw a picture a Domme posted … Continue reading Macrophilia: A fetish I was made for.

Fantasy #1: Financial Ruin

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here's one. Financial Ruin You've been my sub for a long time but it is no longer enough for you. You've enriched my life in a number of ways but still, you want to give Me more. You've always been so generous, even tributing without having to ever … Continue reading Fantasy #1: Financial Ruin

Fetish vs. Kink Explained

In the crazy world of human sexuality, fetishes and kinks are mentioned quite often interchangeably. In my experience as well as in the way we use them in conversation, however, they are not the same thing. Today I'd like to take the time to properly explain the differences between the two. First off: Fetishes. A … Continue reading Fetish vs. Kink Explained