What you can get from me

You can choose to serve either in a more traditional BDSM dynamic, in a FinDom dynamic or in a personalized mix of both.

This list will be updated as I explore new kinks and fetishes.

BDSM offerings

Discipline Session

You’ve been a bad boy. It’s time someone showed you your place.

Body/Foot Worship Session

What can be better than worshipping the body and/or feet of a young, handsome Alpha?

Big Pain Session

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t let good suffering go to waste.


Being a boy just isn’t right for you, so I’m going to make you into my little girl.


Let’s pretend you’re a loser.


You’re a waste of a sexual being, so watch an exemplary one at work.


Financial Domination Offerings

Anonymous Financial Ruination

Hand over all access to your entire financial life and watch it become ravaged.

Reverse Payroll Bitch

You’re paying me just to exist. Aren’t I nice to allow you such an opportunity?

Cash Meet

You get to finally meet me… so you can hand over your cash in person.

Take Me Out Shopping

You’re taking me out shopping, driving me around, buying whatever I want and holding my bags for me.

Fag Tax

Your weekly obligation to your Alpha, it is a commitment you’re very thankful for having.

Remote Viewing (TeamViewer)

Watch from your computer as I empty your bank account and treat myself to some nice things on your dime.


Custom Content

Bespoke Videos

Hear me make fun of you, watch me show off my body or play with my cock in a video that I will never sell to another soul.

You can be the director starting at $50/10 min.