For anyone wondering how to enter into my service and become of my harem,
know that you will not get anything out of me for free.

I am a demanding master with high demands in what I expect from my boys.

There are 3 kinds of servitude you can engage in with me:

Inner Circle


Initiates are subs who engage with me without any sacrifice on their part. These are My Instagram addicts, My Twitter horde, My voracious blog readers, the people I hook up with. This level of relationship involves no commitment and has no demands on My part. You get what I give, for free. You get to be a parasite, and there’s no problem with that. Included in this level is anyone who buys content from Me (private videos, pics, ebooks, etc.) as there are no shortcuts for rich subs. Everyone is equal under Me.

Adepts are subs who have begun to selflessly serve Me. They have shown, through hard work and tributes, that they have what it takes to please me, if only in small amounts. These are loyal subs who have followed my work from afar for a long time as initiates before making the commitments for something much more meaningful. Adepts are the fodder of My Empire being the most numerous. This is the level most of you reading this will reach eventually. You can easily get to this level by meeting Me for a session, by getting drained by Me over a webcam session, and you can also offer Me tributes without any expectation in return or spoil Me. While their devotion is great, it does not even begin to compare to what the highest rank of sub offers to Me.

Inner Circle subs are the most devoted, loyal members of My Empire. They are the men & women who contribute to My life the most. They are the those who have gone above and beyond what was expected of them in order to make just one small part of My empire better. Inner Circle members get the most of My time and focus, for it is they who deserve it most among all My subs. It is a rare quality of sub that can earn this privilege and it is an even rarer quality of sub that will be given it by Me. I believe that any sub can attain this level of relationship with Me if you truly desire it. Money is not the limiting factor here but loyalty and devotion to Me.