A Tribute is a central component to Financial Domination.

It is the main way a sub has of proving their devotion to their Master.

A tribute is a transfer of money that symbolize submission towards their Master.

The Master derives pleasure from watching his sub give up their hard-earned money, from the humiliation and objectification the sub faces in this scenario. Receiving money in and of itself is also a fairly enjoyable part of FinDom.

Most subs get a feeling of contributing to something greater than themselves, of providing the means for an Alpha to live their best possible life, and, for some, of being used as a personal bank account.

You can spoil me via:

  • PayPal
  • E-Transfer (Canadians Only)
  • Amazon Wishlist (you can buy an item or send Gift Cards)
  • Wallet Rinse/ATM sessions (In-person only)
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 15KNv52aKGswhi9Zxrx5U7ie3DXyH1Hejn
  • Litecoin (LTC): Ld81hGSB9dMrRZvuCSsLFPYNHtk2DYigfP

You can also buy my eBook, DOMINATED.


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