Fantasy #8: Sub’s First Sauna

Fantasies are hot.

I have a bunch.

Here’s one.

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Well, no.”

“Then can’t you trust me?”


It was a simple enough question, yet why were you unable to trust Him like He wanted?


The two of you were standing outside, the cold winds of winter doing their best to rob the both of you of your heat.

You were in the Gay Village of Montreal, outside of the largest sauna there.


You’d never been to a sauna before, had never really done much with any guy before, and yet here you were.

He was your Master, your very first, a tall slender man with hair and beard trimmed neatly.

Despite the unease dripping off of you like sweat, His smile was able to bring to you a comforting warmth that was a shield against the cold and the mounting insecurities in your head.


“Look, my pet, you will never gain anything if you don’t venture out. Were you not the one who’s been fantasizing about this very moment? Look, we’re not going to do anything crazy or wild and I’ll be there the whole time to make sure nothing goes wrong. Today is a gift for you, my pet: today you get to experiment in a totally secure environment. For once, I am going to be completely selfless and make this whole day about YOU. ”

Every time He spoke to you, you felt chills running all over your body, and not the kind created by the cold.


You knew He was right, that your unease was performance anxiety, butterflies in your stomach.

You knew you were safe with this crazed man by your side.

While it was absolutely certain he was going to take advantage of you, He made it his damn business to make sure no one else ever did.

You were HIS, an idea which could calm you down more than anything else.

Still, it was always nerve-racking for you to go so far out of your comfort zone, to be pushed so close to your limits, definitely past any point you’d have ventured to on your own.

The things you do for Him…


“You alright there, my pet? Or are you just caught up in your head again?”


His voice cut through the noise in your mind, drowning out all the worries you had previously.


“Yes Sir, I’m alright. Just a little overwhelmed. You’re certain I’m going to be alright? Nothing will happen to me?” you finally manage to reply.

“Well I can promise you that plenty WILL happen to you, though I’ll be there to make sure that you’ll be alright at the end of it all. I don’t want someone else to be breaking you now. That’s my job…” His voice trails off into that devilish grin of His, that one that cemented your place at His feet.

“Yes Sir!” you reply cheerfully, knowing you have this demon to protect you from whatever may happen.

“Ready? Good; let’s go inside and away from the cold. After you, my pet.”


He holds the door open for you and follows you indoors.

You pay the entry fee for the both of you at the entry chamber and reserve a private room before making your way into the inner chamber that is the sauna.


The floors are stone-tilled, the design of everything modern and chic, a mixture of masculinity and flamboyancy.

You see man after man in all shapes, ages, and color parading around in white bath towels and flip-flops.

You can see a large hot tub in the center of it all, with showers to the side of it and doors leading to what you presume to be actual saunas from all the steam coming out of them.

Euro-techno plays loudly throughout the building, the kind you imagine would play at a gay rave.

Just below the music, you can hear the grunting of men getting fucked and cumming.

Giant TV screens hang down from the ceiling, playing pornography in endless cycles.


You never thought heaven would smell of cum, but it sure as hell does.


Despite your reserved nature and demeanor, you start to feel like a child at Christmas again.

Your Master, vigilant as can be, notices your improved mood.


“I’m glad to see you’re excited, my pet. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Now let’s get to the room, I’m sweating under all my layers.”


You get to the room, unlocking the door and holding it open for Him.

“Close the door behind you, I don’t want some stranger wandering in… yet.”

You promptly obey.


You watch him as he undresses, taking his coat, sweater, and polo to reveal the muscled torso underneath, just another thing you admire in Him.

He takes his pants off and his underwear, showing his cock for a moment before wrapping himself in a towel.

“So much better, I wouldn’t wear clothes if I didn’t have to. Now get yourself naked, my pet, while I go over how this is going to go down. We will be going to the shower once you’re undressed. You will wash yourself, making sure that EVERY part of you is clean. I will stand back, see who’s gaze you attract. I will then explain to those guys what you want and invite them to the room.

We can start with a single man, but knowing just how much of a slut you really are, we will probably end up getting every guy to fuck you haha. Don’t worry about your safety: I’m going to make sure no one goes barebacking you. Should anyone get rougher than I like, I’ll rough them right up. And don’t worry, I want to see just how much of a bad influence I’ve been on you, my pet.”

“Yes sir.” You reply, ready to show your man who you really are.


“Thanks for coming, buddy.”

You barely hear Him as he lets the last guy out of the room, closing the door.

You’re sore in ways you never thought possible, exhausted and still panting, yet more you don’t think anyone could ever be more satisfied than you currently are.

“Thank you, Master. I had a great time.” You manage to say.

“I knew you were a whore, my pet, but I didn’t think you were in the contention for the world’s biggest whore! I lost count around twelve. Twelve! I don’t think I can ever think of you as innocent, my pet. You’re as twisted as I am, perhaps that’s why you were compelled to me in the first place. Still though, your asshole started as small as a doughnut hole, and now it’s the size of a doughnut hahaha.

You’ve taken more to anal than the Ancient Greeks. That’s good to know, now I can have you shove all kinds of things up there.

I’m also proud of you, you filthy slut. You went way past what I expected you’d be able to handle. You rose up to the gauntlet of cock that was set before you and met it with the excited eagerness that can only be found in a real submissive.”

While talking, he approached you so that he was now standing above you like the God you worshipped Him as.

“Thank you, Sir. I’m glad I was able to please you. That’s all I ever want to do.”

“Good boy. Next time we meet I won’t be in such a selfless mood so I’ll put that desire to please me to the test. Now let’s get dressed.

And no shower for you.

I want you to feel like a slut and smell of cum until you’re back home.”


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