So you want to be a sissy… (Part 2)

This is the second part to “So you want to be a sissy…”. For part 1, click here.

Now that you’ve confirmed your suspicions and trained your mind it is time to prepare your flesh.

Step Three: Body & Body Language

One of the most important factors in determining a sissy’s success in pleasing men comes down to her body. A sissy with a feminine body will never be lonely. Her body will help her achieve levels of popularity she only dreamed of.

Men are simple creatures: we love what we see. Men are visual first and foremost; a pretty face and a sexy body do more for us than a charming personality. We may stay with a partner in the long-run because of their character, we come because our dick is hard. Therefore, if you want men to please, you must be visually pleasing.

To achieve this goal, your body should be as feminine as possible.

You are to have no body hair. Hairy bodies are a sign of masculinity and are visually on the grosser end of the scale. You should shave your body or use wax (if you are masochistic). There are several YouTube and fetish blogs devoted exclusively to helping new sissies deal with their hairy bodies if you are having trouble eradicating your hair.

After dealing with your body hair, make sure to lather your skin with moisturizing creams. This will help your skin be irresistibly-smooth and make sure you smell more feminine. (No more long, hot showers either. The hot water dries and cracks skin.)

Broad shoulders and muscles are hallmarks of men. As a sissy, you are not to do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity (yoga is the only kind of exercise you should do as it works your core and makes you more flexible). You want to end up either skinny or thicc. Any other body type and you will turn off more men than turn on.

Now that your body looks and feels feminine it is time to act feminine.

Go to a mall or other crowded location. Pay attention to the women. How do they walk? How do they hold themselves while sitting? How do they talk with others?

Women do not act like men do. They do not stand up as straight or as tall. They do not walk with a swagger or take up a lot of space. Women tend to have very closed body language. They usually have their arms much closer to their body, have limper wrists, they tend to walk with their heads down. They tend to take much smaller steps. They tend to be much more graceful.

These various quirks may take some time to learn but they are powerful weapons at attracting a man’s attention. Master them and you will be a happy sissy.

You may even one day ascend to the prestigious rank of trap: those sissy boys who can pass so successfully as a woman they “trap” straight men.

Step Four: Your Face

Men like pretty faces. We especially like when pretty faces are looking up at us while choking on our dick.

Your face as a beta male is probably not that attractive or even feminine. You may have a body that is perfectly smooth, you may even be able to teach a class on how to act like the fairer sex but if your face makes a guy want to puke though, you probably won’t be a happy sissy.

Luckily for you, there is an entire multi-billion dollar industry focused exclusively on selling products that make faces more feminine and attractive: makeup.

To begin you will need lipstick, foundation, and mascara. These form the holy Trinity of cosmetics and learn them well.

YouTube is definitely a good tool for you sissies here. It has a million makeup channels so at least one of them should be able to suit your purposes from beginner tips to expert inspiration.

After nailing the basics, return to the image you had decided on for your sissy persona. What kind of makeup does she wear? Who does she look like? What do you need to get her look right? Answer those questions and you are sure to get it right.

You are well on your way to becoming the sissy you’ve always dreamed about being.

In the meantime sissies, practice away!

Click here for part 3.

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