Fantasy #21: Sissy Discovery

Figuring yourself out was going to be tough. You were quickly realizing that after you'd turned 18. You thought you'd figured out what you were but the thoughts you once considered deeply embarrassing were beginning to feel too good to ignore. Despite being fully comfortable as a boy, you now dreamed of dressing as a … Continue reading Fantasy #21: Sissy Discovery

Fantasy #7: Alpha Couple

Fantasies are hot. I have a bunch. Here's one... There they were, two exquisite specimens of the human race. The gentleman, tall, athletic, handsome with a wild grin, the lady, not quite as tall in her high heels, her curves giving off the marvelous hourglass, her face angelic. They were at the bar, laughing and … Continue reading Fantasy #7: Alpha Couple

10 Tips on How to Approach Me

Life is hard for submissives, especially for finsubs. You're weaker-willed and more agreeable on average, which adds up to make it a lot more difficult for a sub to properly approach and get the attention of a Dominant. Today, I want to help you guys out with some general advice on how to approach Me … Continue reading 10 Tips on How to Approach Me