A Tribute is a central component to Financial Domination.

It is the main way a sub has of proving their devotion to their Master.

In Financial Domination, power is represented by money.

The tribute is a transfer of money (power) that symbolizes submission towards their Master.

The Master derives pleasure from watching his sub give up their hard-earned money, from the humiliation and objectification the sub faces in this scenario.

The sub derives pleasure from being used by their Master, from contributing to someone greater than them, from feeling like being a part of something bigger.


I currently accept tribute via several platforms:

  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BURST)
  • E-Transfer (Canadians Only)
  • Amazon Wishlist (you can buy an item or send Gift Cards)
  • ATM Draining/Wallet Raping (Available In-Person Only)


If you feel ready to take your submission to the next level, a tribute is a perfect way to get into my good graces.

Head over to the “Submit” page to get started!

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